Baby Boys

March. Sunshine peaking out from behind the bleak grey overcast skies that have hovered partially promising yet never bringing snow (in WA) and tulips along with the other Spring bulbs popping their heads through the morning frost covered garden beds where they’ve silently lived on unseen waiting for their time to declare that life is still coming full circle again. Soon buds on the forsythia bush will open in their full yellow forcing color on dark, dirty melt around. That brilliance is unavoidably eye catching as it will refuse to be defeated by even the chilliest of last minute dips in temperature. Soon all the spring colors are out, and as soon as the winter darkness came, the sunshine is back. Green buds are out on the fire bushes and the oak tree is ready to show forth the wonder of it’s beauty next to every other sign of life in the front yard. When all chance of frost coming back are gone, we’ll be out planting annuals and mowing the lawns and it will be like winter never was, until the leaves turn color and the winds come again and we’ll remember and proceed back into those cooler seasons.

In March we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, in October we celebrate National Down Syndrome Awareness day. This month I want to celebrate young children with Down Syndrome who are waiting for adoption, those who are in the adoption process and notice too the victory of children home with so much time ahead of them to spend with their new families.

Today I want to start with Truman

I’m starting with boys since they tend to be the last picked. Not only that, but Truman because of Truman’s mama. She’s a wonderful person in the midst of the busy life of a stay at home mama and strong adoption advocate. Kara’s story started like mine and grew so far beyond. She loves and was able to commit to adopt a precious boy in Russ!a, but was stopped short by the ban against adoptions to the USA in 2013. The McIntee’s story did not end in grief. Kara and Kyle still felt God’s call pushing them forward and were given the heart for a little guy who they would name Maks. He’s now a vivacious fun loving piece of their family that his sisters cannot imagine life without. He has a baby brother named Sammy and just is the picture of a boy born overseas meant to be here. He’s home.

Two months ago I asked Kara if she thought that they’d adopt again someday and she said, “I think this is about it for us.” She loves kids, especially with a heart for little boys, and I know would love to go again. She continues to pray her little boy in Russ!a and is blessed to still receive pictures of him growing up. I imagine she must cry a little inside, knowing that he should be here.

When Truman was listed, I thought I was looking at  porcelain doll.

Families who adopting during the time that the McIntees were going for Maks were now committing again, planning to go back for another run to the country that their other child(ren) were from. Honestly, with all of the advocating that Kara was doing for Truman I believed she would be thinking of possibly being his mama and giving Maks another brother. You know what? It’s true. Truman’s going home.

I want to invite you to like their Facebook page. It’s Bringing Truman Home and updated often with pictures and plans. Since Kara and Kyle have been overseas before to this country, they have a better idea of what they are in for than someone such as myself would who never got beyond being an advocate.

For my advocate piece of this blog entry I want to feature little Mark.

His details are as limited as little Truman’s blurb. We’ve learned that the length of information does not hider or increase the child’s likelihood of going home. I know God has a place for this baby boy. From his country, the same country that both Maks and Truman are from, has a mom and dad to be here in the USA. His adoption process could be as short as just under 1 year, the cost around 22K.


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