Knowing the Story, Seeing the Faces


Romeo’s is going home!

It’s personal when there’s a face to the name and even just a few words to describe that face. It’s this connection that makes families born not of blood but or what seems somehow to be much more, it’s a spirit that is magic to watch unfold though at times seems one sided as the child may have grown up in an environment with instability not knowing who to trust. This morning I included the picture of a girl full body embracing a woman who was at the young girl’s orphanage in Eastern Europe to adopt another child. The photo of this connection was so powerful that it had to be kept and made public for those who might come by Greta’s publically available profile. I’m sure that I am not the only advocate who has watched her grow up in pictures sporting boys clothes, underweight, with a shaved head and despite that just has the biggest smile in so many of her pictures that have come through the adoption boards as individuals spend time with her appreciating her friendly welcoming attitude and wishing her all the best.


Greta’s 16 and finally going home!

While Greta has spent so very many years waiting her heart is prepared for a family, a wonderful family that God has prepared to receive her. In only a matter of weeks they’ll be together.

Felix is 11 and going home!

Felix is 11 and going home!

On January 19th Stephanie Barnett will be leaving to adopt Greta, Felix and little Romeo from Eastern Europe. Orphans no more, in such a short while!

Stephanie is not new to adoption, in fact she’s brought home other children from overseas who were also listed on Reece’s Rainbow. In 2011 the Barnett family brought home 3 children who were listed as Trenton, Leeza and Igor. They’re thriving and loving life with their Texas born siblings and are so excited for the arrival of Greta, Felix and Romeo. Felix has been listed a while, but not quite as long as Greta. He also has a winner of a smile, at 11 years old, it’s about time this guy start his adventures as a son and beloved brother that he’s always meant to be. All happens in God’s perfect family, and I just so rejoice that this family is coming together.


Clarice needs a family, soon!

This morning I wrote focusing on the advocating programs that Reece’s Rainbow has to organize adoption enthusiasts who cannot for personal reasons step forward in adoption personally. I said that all sorts of people apply to be Prayer Warriors, Guardian Angels, Family Warriors, and Angel Tree Warriors. The Barnett family have Carol Miller as their Family Warrior, and express their deep gratitude for her participation in moving along efforts to organize matching grants and fundraisers along the way.

Her day job is special education teacher at a community school in North Carolina. A beautiful part of this adoption community is that there are no bounds. Sometimes as I’m telling my husband stories of different families he’ll ask what state, and I’ll stop and realize that I don’t even know. Everyone is a dear friend when caring for orphans is what we have in common. When I wrote this morning I was having a momentary confusion between Greta and her age-mate Clarice. Stephanie Barnett brought to my attention an important detail that I did not know about Clarice’s story: A donor has stepped up and said that she will fully fund Clarice’s adoption, if this girl is found by adoption before she ages out of eligibility for international adoption from her country which she is quickly approaching.

If Clarice does age out, the $15,378.80 in her adoption fund will be gifted to another child.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16)


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