Coming for Carrie Ann

There once was a little girl born in a far away land to a mama, maybe a papa and grandparents were around when she was delivered, perhaps there were brothers or sisters, those facts aren’t known from this distance. What is to be seen in this little child in a long sleeved jump suit laying in a blanket with her head turned to the side and her mouth open just a bit. There are little choo choo trains on her outfit and if you’re a mother, you may just wish you could reach out and take her up in your arms. If it weren’t for the distance you’d feel those little hands and talk to her, perhaps get a smile and some sounds of happiness for your attention. 40402200842-Carrie-Ann-204x300Carrie Ann was born in November 2012. Her medical diagnosis is, “Lumbar spina bifida (myelocele) (post-surgery)” beyond that her description only lists her birth date and that she is developing normally. My youngest was born February 2012 and is walking, imitating reading, drawing and playing with household pets, not laying in a baby sleeper so I assume that Carrie Ann’s photo is simply outdated maybe by at least a year. Today is the day that Carrie Ann is relisted as available for adoption. Last week she was to have gone home to a wonderful family in the USA. You see, in Carrie Ann’s country, a child’s specific location isn’t quite known until the family is just about to go to meet their future family members. Carrie Ann’s sister to be from the same country lives in a region far away, and the cost was beyond what they had. While this family will miss their dream of having Carrie Ann grow up in their home, they know that God sees her and lead the mom and dad to adopt her that she was born to be with.

This little girl has spent her mornings, noons and nights in an orphanage, it’s the family’s prayer who thought they’d spend Christmas with her, to have you donate and pray that someone would feel the need to have this doll as they did. Adoption is complicated, dreams are worth following, and Carrie Ann is someone’s little daughter. Jeremiah_verseIf you’re meant to be her mom, you’ll have so many people rallying around you. Actually, I’m going to push this a little further and say, “If you’ve ever thought of adoption, why not Carrie Ann?” She’s a beautiful baby just waiting for life to happen. If you would like to start off Carrie Ann’s adoption fund, money to go to any future family who may commit to bring her home. Please click HERE.    

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