Twins! I have to admit it. I love twins. These two are no exception.

Meet Hadden and Hadley. They are not yet listed on Reece’s Rainbow, and have a very short description on the agency’s website where they are sourced through. Currently these boys live in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, waiting for their forever family.

The little boys were born in 2009. The same year that I gave birth to my second son, who as I write this is at preschool hearing a Bible story and working on his letters and numbers. In a few minutes his class of 15 kids at our local church will be having their little snack time for which they will pray a thanks to God and after another craft and music time each will be picked up by his or her mom or dad or gramma or grampa.

What do Hadden and Hadley do this time of day in their little world? They’re pictured wearing matching shirts and Hadley’s hand is being held by what looks like an adults. Are they enjoying an age appropriate group activity? I don’t know.



All that you or I know is,

Boys, born 2009
Hearing impairment
Hadden and Hadley are two precious twin boys who need a family!

Not their month of birth, story of how or when they were placed in state care or the term of their pregnancy, or any hospital stays that have been involved in the care of either. What is known is that these boys are guys that need parents, maybe siblings and love and opportunity to be whoever God has set for them to become.

Hadden and Hadley are not yet listed on Reece’s Rainbow, so donations toward their future adoption cannot be made. However I have learned that the cost of their adoption will be considerably less since they are biological siblings.

This is not my first post about twins from their country. On my other blog I wrote about Nadia and Nancy who are going home to a wonderful family. My entry was called Two Twins. These girls are the same age as my oldest son. Whether I want to admit it or not, I must be drawn to children my children’s ages. Once I tried asking on the boards what families believe pulls them into the story of one child to go through the journey of adoption for. Seems to be teetering on the edge of taboo. That aside, my mission is always the same! Advocate, pray and hope that a family will come and be able to hold through the path to bring a child into a stable home that gives the opportunity to succeed and lead a fulfilling life in ways that they would not otherwise be able to do. So, join me in sharing Hadden and Hadley, and in cheering on in any way possible parents who have responded to the call to adopt.

“You are the helpers of the fatherless.” (Psalm 10:14)

UPDATE: The boys now have a FSP, which means they can receive donations (with a 10% deduction) through Reece’s Rainbow. See the place where donations be made and will be held for Hadden and Hadley by clicking on this link.

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