Origami Owl for Kolya

I just learned about Living Lockets, maybe this is your first time hearing that name too. My story begins with asking for home business owners to offer their party proceeds in part to my mission to raise money for Kolya, a waiting orphan in Bulgaria.

When I was offered an Origami Owl party I had no idea what it was but would never turn down an opportunity to bring awareness for the waiting child in Eastern Europe who I have committed to raise funds for over the next six weeks. The wonderful consultant who I am working with offered to send me a charm collection and a locket along with the catalogs and brochures that I requested. She directed me to a web link to choose the charms. I picked a Silver RN symbol, “Love to Read”, “Hope”, a Silver Starfish, and the crystal silver L initial. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.
Isn’t the classic locket a circular pendant that opens on a small hinge, sometimes with small engravement on the exterior and some sort of holding fixture on the inside for securing a photo or other special flat memento? Not in the Origami Owl world! This is an all new idea to me, with not one consultant in my state. Not only a great fundraiser as no one else is doing it in my local area, but a wonderful opportunity if I or another friend around here would choose to become a designer…what an amazing business venture! My designer told me that a local host got 30 women to her party and with their purchases, as a hostess got $600 in free stuff. Those lockets? Click “Categories” then navigate to ” Living Lockets” at first glance, just looks like hoop earings. They sells earings too, but this isn’t the place. I hope you have time to scroll through, because this is an amazing selection!

Recently added are leather bracelets with the clear faces where you can order charms that tell your personal story inside. This is beyond the chain with glittery emblems attached on the exterior ready to snag on any material that you come in contact with!

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