NEWS FLASH: I signed up.

AuroraI’ve filled out the all too easy application, friends, to be an Angel Tree warrior. My picks are Aurora who I’ve never really hoved over, she’s been in an orphanage since 2005 and sounds a lot like my personality. You could find little girls who look just like her in my family photo albums. She seems like a good fit for me to advocate for!

SilviaMy next choice is a little girl from a small country that is tipping the scales on high cost with low time to raise the funds. Meet Silvia. She’s on my heart because her program looks daunting and her photo isn’t fine. This girl’s fund is going to sky rocket, God has a way of showing that anything can be achieved! Some family will look at that image and see their daughter and that will just be an amazing day for her and those who are planned somewhere in the greater plan as her parents. That’s what Angel Tree season is about, advocating, raising and finding forever.

NE138b-Fernando-250x300Fernando! He’s my third choice. Born the same month as my second son, the same year as my first in a country that we love. The files from his country come all in Spanish and are volumes long. Travel is easy and the agency is great. Who will be this little man’s family? Will I be the sponsor to help him to the Angel Tree goal?

Waiting for my email telling me who I get to sponsor. I’m giddy with excitement! Tomorrow I’m going to overhaul my blog to be Angel Tree ready, tracking other Angel Tree warriors blog posts as they begin their journey’s soon setting up shop to race to $1,000. There are so many more children who need someone to knit scarves or whatever special talent you have. Sign up and show everyone in your world just how amazing you can be when you love an orphan and how much can be done when you set your heart to such a meaningful purpose.

“You are the helpers of the fatherless.” (Psalm 10:14)

UPDATE: I’ve switched to Kolya, please click here to read about that.

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