This Little Monkey: Baby Boyt’s Story

All the names ages and health labels of the kids swim together. People design and sell adoption advocacy t-shirts advertising, or rather putting out the message that there are millions of orphans across the world who need a home and a family. After only two years for me, it does feel like an over preached message with little reception and yet I can’t stop and don’t want to ever feel limited or forced to do so.

It’s an out of this world ideology to imagine that everyone would open themselves up for noticing or caring that there are faces to the numbers or orphans and that there is help to be given. Don’t let anything stop you! Focus on what’s at home! If you have a passion, speak out, act out and find families that you can speak out for. Host events for them. Talk talk and talk. I have the opportunity to send a gift to an orphanage in Armenia, but perhaps that’s a subject for another day!

40402205812-275x300In my last post I mentioned receiving a heart hitting comment that I wouldn’t have the ability to have a passion if it weren’t for the internet. I want to introduce to you another face that I have because of the Internet. While I work out that one, I’m giving you another little guy while I still have the Internet as a platform from which to preach.

The face of a little boy who was born December 2012 whose health label is “Congenital pathology of the central nervous system, internal hydrocephalus”

Click on his picture to donate to his fund if you would like or to learn more about the adoption process or the standards to adopt from his country, visit this link. (it’s the one on the bottom)

He was listed just last week and is available for international adoption to the US, Canada and other countries as well. Children with high needs are often certain to be available when families travel to meet them five or so months into the adoption process while lower needs children are sometimes found to already been met and adopted by another family domestically or through another program.

Boyt is a baby boy living in an orphanage that is in a country that is in the midst of political upheaval which increases the urgency of his needing out! Even the most committed of staff can never replace parents. Please, think of such as these. Speak for him by way of sharing his picture in social media, or if you or a friend has ever thought of adopting a child with special needs from this country, prayerfully consider Boyt.  He just might be your boy!

Of the over 1000 kids on Reece’s Rainbow, why Boyt today?

It’s not his birthday month, nor do I have a child with his diagnosis in my life. He’s obviously not in the same life stage as my two year old who is running and doing her best to imitate jump roping. My two year old can climb up the play structure at the city park and move her body back and forth on the swing set. My two year old is potty training. Not Boyt. He’s laying on his back, not quite coordinating his hands to move his soother back into his mouth. Actually, I’ve been assigned Boyt’s little known story to advocate through the Prayer Warrior plan. Email to be assigned a child to pray for and speak out for. Because as far as you can see and read, they are just a photo on the internet with few words to tell who they are. Look a little deeper. Learn who has their file and if anyone has met the child whole picking up a child from that orphanage. You can do that by joining the official Reece’s Rainbow Facebook group by permission of the RR leadership team.

If you have it in your heart to bust Boyt out of $0.00 please make a check payable to Reece’s Rainbow PO Box 4024

Gaithersburg, MD 20885. memo “Boyt” or donate by clicking “Donate” on his online profile.

Donations are tax deductible and go to the child’s future adoption, which for this child will be $22K varying by time of year and other details. This is a face among so many many others, but it is a child who is known by God and a son to someone and that’s why advocating is worth your and my while–because the minutes that it takes me to write this may just be all that are needed for a mother or father to see this child as their own.


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