Turn Off the Light

The kids were all quieted at official bedtime and asleep for sure at 8pm. I watched half an episode of Law and Order with my husband when I remembered that I hadn’t locked the front door. I went down to do that and noticed that the basement hall light was on. I considered leaving it on, knowing that if I went down I’d get stuck on the computer. Guess what. Duh! I had to log into Facebook and read some posts and updates (a few friends traveling to meet their children overseas) then I watched the video of baby girl Susie and thought that she’d be the little girl for sure that I’d ask to adopt if we were ready to go through that process right now in our lives. She’s a child, yes, like so many others, who has been waiting since infancy.  In the video she smiles in response to the caregiver who is behind the camera’s voice. Her smile is gorgeous as are her sightless eyes and her soft face. I blink away sadness for her, having just read her small story, my old heart touched by that mother’s need to reach out.

My sweet A.J who was a baby just a matter of weeks ago, or so it feels on fussy days during which she wants to cuddle, enjoys being put to bed with stories now as she is covered loosely by her favorite quilt in the toddler bed that she got for her second birthday. Today she did quite well in our mission to potty train and was thrilled by her progress as she knows that it’s just one bit closer to really being a big girl which pretty much comes even to her ultimate dream of being able to do what big sister does. My title is turn out the light because that seems to be the only thing that I can’t do–close down when I should. I drag when I should be high energy and can’t sleep when it’s slumber hour. If I could I guess I wouldn’t write, and if I didn’t write, well nothing…I guess then I just wouldn’t write.

In the morning I have Bible study which I love. Getting together in person with other women who love Jesus is a wonderful encouragement, even though we are all busy and do have other things to hurry on with.

My big kids have Spring break coming and are talking about what they would like to do during their period off. There were some hilarious mentions that I ought to have recorded, but will just have to rely on there being more bright ideas for me to record to savor the hilarity past the moment. On Wednesday, my volunteer day at school I got to see my daughter dance, it was quite surprising how light she is on her feet! Scottish country dancing here we come? She stepped in time and coordinated perfectly with her partner, the two were set at the beginning of the line as an example to the other dancers in Kindergarten PE class. It made my mama heart happy for that sweet five year old of mine.

The boys I ought to speak a moment in detail about too I suppose, for all fairness as mama’s ought always to be aware of. 11:57.

Willie is writing his name so well in school and can count and form the letters with clarity that he has practiced. He has been enjoying the clear, less freezing weather conditions outdoors, taking advantage of the sunshine and mid 40’s temp to ride his bike outside the front window.

Deeder keeps on keeping on. After school he plugs away on homework after having free time on the computer where he often asks to play on Lego.com In 1st grade he is doing best in math. Darren and I are constantly surprised by the expectations these days on this age group and are working to make the most out of the school experience for our son. We comment to each other, “So this is why people homeschool.” Or, “Can they teach him, or not?” when we see tears of frustration and lack of interest to pick up the significant amount of homework after spending all those hours away at school.

My morning: “Wake up, please, sweet Harrs!” “Mama, we want to sleep” “Get dressed and eat, guys.” “We don’t want to” “It’s time in ten minutes, lets get our backpacks. Do you have everything?” *Checking checking* “Mom! I don’t have my bookbag! I’m going to have to miss snack today! Aaarggg!!!”

I searched all morning and into the afternoon for the bookbag, and found it in the most obvious place that I had already looked a half dozen times. We work on organizational skills and I know where that need comes from! From ME!!!

Turn Off the Light! 12:09.

The past two days Darren’s been home and I love that. He sorted the recycling for me and did so many other projects that I sweep to the side. He also took my loaner washer back to the place that finally brought me a part for my old washer. Today was one of those forgettable days that blends with the others that have a half complete To-Do list. I have long given up writing To Do followed by the day. It’s now just a list of things to accomplish. And when the light is turned back on again with the beeping of my alarm clock, there’s another opportunity, another coffee pot to brew and that same set of kids to get ready for their day.

Upcoming is an update on the Vantrease family who are adoption Keegan who they are naming Ian when he gets home.

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