Whispers for Wendy

10149467_581551795270057_1187194219_nThere’s something about the closed eyes of a child who has blindness that quiet your soul. Wendy is a child whose fund has grown over the years, as she has been listed almost since the beginning. Little by little, the generous donor here and there and the stray Tupperware and candle party funds donated to a potential adopt builds up. The hopeful number would be around $22,000 to set Wendy free from the institution where she now lives and to bring her into yet another unseen world.

1017722_256973537806954_401163817_nThe sense that you think so critical for survival her having never known it is oblivious to it’s absence. What she does know is hunger, pain and loneliness. Love does not require sight, she does not need to see a smile to share your joy or experience your compassion.

Five years ago a wonderful family got to spend time with Wendy when they were at the orphanage where she used to live while they were in the process of adopting their daughter Laurel.

They have never forgotten Wendy’s beautiful face or her demeanor, they haven’t stopped praying for her and talk to their daughter about this girl who is still in Eastern Europe waiting for parents to set her free.

Wendy is waiting. The header image is clickable to the family’s family blog where a writing will be soon of their experience meeting this precious child of God. She’s a gift. Is she your family’s sweet girl? Jesus has preserved her. And that, for a purpose. The image of Wendy smiling and clapping her hands is from 2009, and links to her adoption fund. That money waits for her adoptive family. It will not leave until she does.

I will edit and add to this post with any additional information that I can glean about this little girl who should be in second grade reading braille, not behind the cold walls of a mental institution waiting to die. She could be integrated into a regular classroom enjoying math and P.E class potentially. Realistically, she has most likely suffered quite serious damage psychological damage from circumstances that she’s been forced to live in since her transfer from orphanage to institution.

Martha has put in her blog post about the experience of meeting Wendy 4 years ago. Wendy visibly had Cerebral Palsy and would fall over during play time and not get picked up again; visitors are not allowed to intrude upon caregivers interactions which rendered the family unable to help since they were not there to adopt this child. Their daughter is home and doing just beautifully. You absolutely would not know from pictures that she spent years in an orphanage. A child is quite significantly their environment, unfortunately in Wendy’s case. Please click here to read the entry that Martha has entitled Wendy Needs a Rescuer. And also here to visit her online store for which profits she is giving in full to Wendy’s future adoption fund through the month of April 2014. Remember that Wendy has been listed for years on Reece’s Rainbow now and has been moved to a mental institution a couple years ago after which point no one has seen her. This is absolutely a child for which I covet your prayers. She’s a child of God and deserves the best. If God has called you to adopt an older child without sight, consider Wendy. Her country has a fast paced program and a trusted team that will take you from beginning to end on your journey for her. All across America there are schools and wonderful centers for people with blindness. She could have such a full life, given the chance.

380-Autumn-199x300While sending out my message and plea for Wendy I also want you to know that there are so many other orphans locked in a world without sight. Martha’s daughter, Laurel slept with her hands over her eyes the first months when she got home as if she were used to doing this to block out unpleasant stimuli from her former environment–we just can’t entirely put ourselves in the existence of these kids, what it must be like for them why even imagine. Autumn is 11 and has never had sight; the older she gets, like Wendy, the lower her chances of adoption are. Today she’s been listed exactly one year with Reece’s Rainbow, and reading her little story it really sounds like she’s a lucky one. Walking, having the liberty to have food preferences, doesn’t sound like a half bad selection either. There is no “good” orphanage that can replace mom and dad. Blindness can certainly mean isolation and lack physical activity which is exactly the story for four year old Warren whose picture I am brought back to, with his cleft palate and other array of needs. He looks clean and cared for but alone in his own world. If Susie were in your church nursery I bet you’d pick her up and give her soft cheeks a kiss. She would feel you but not see you. Hear your adoring voice.  “Susie has epilepsy, is blind, has no head control, and has significant developmental delays, but she reacts when someone speaks to her and loves music.” A catheter and shunt have been placed to allow fluids to drain from her brain? Would you still hold and rock this baby knowing her tender needs; newly listed for adoption from a country that Reece’s Rainbow has just partnered with Susie waits her turn to be found by a family. If you’re thinking of donating today, consider Susie, as she has zero in her fund.

Do not leave with  the impression that children with visual impairments are the last children picked because that’s not true. This isn’t a game of most perfect first. In this adoption community I cherish the families attitude all around, and so many I have met who adopt an incredible wide range of needs into their home, they believe that each child is made in the image of God and deserves the love of a mother and father as we were so graciously given when we were adopted into the body of Christ upon salvation.

The Elkins are bringing home two daughter very soon, one of which has blindness. This mother is one of the strongest people that I know in believing that when you feel a call to a child that you should do all to bring that child into your home. Bolden is a little guy who is going home. Ryker is an older child who has no family and extensive needs, all of which of course can be met with a family equipped for what he will bring…or that’s what everyone was praying for until he passed away in October 2013. I can picture a smile on his face, given nutrition and some sunshine along with tending and therapy for his medical needs. These children need a chance.

Nellie going home and to a wonderful family who has been preparing for months to give her the environment that she needs to blow the roof off anyone’s expectations who ever doubted that she couldn’t be an incredible kid. Children of all ages and needs miss what your child has without even knowing it: A home and parents. I encourage you to not be intimidated. Research, grow and pray. If you aren’t called to bring a child home, you are at least called to raise them up in prayer. Ryker was taken home to Jesus and his fund given to another child passing along to that other child the hope of a family that was never had for the other boy. Today’s plea chiefly for Wendy as a mama who met her is offering profits from her store to Wendy’s future adoption fund where there is already $1629.87. Listed for many many years, it’s time that Wendy be found.  Share this through my newly installed share button selection, help speak out and shop through Martha’s shop if there’s something there that interests you.

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