Your Mama Is Coming: Gage’s Story

Gage-223x300She’s travelling soon and in her sons orphanage are children who are listed for adoption and desperately need out. Colleen Novit has cried out for four young children tonight who are in the same orphanage as her Gage. She will have the opportunity to speak to the kids, perhaps give them snuggles and just begs that someone would commit to adopt these children. If a family would come forward within the next few weeks before she goes overseas she could tell those children that their mom and dad were on their way.

Colleen and her husband Dan are bringing home Gage, and have just committed to Millie who so many have prayed for over the years. It’s a great match, but as an adoptive mom Colleen knows the pain of leaving other orphans behind and does her best to advocate for the children who do need families to cherish them as she does her four biological children and soon her two who she will travel to meet very soon.

Owen_Oct2012-180x300One of the orphans that Colleen speaks out for today is Owen who I first saw listed December before last. I saw him and didn’t want to look at his profile again, I avoided clicking on his name when I’d visit the Reece’s Rainbow website looking at his small body and his face looking up as his caregiver supports him in a standing position just pulled me into the frame if I dared glance. I would feel myself wanting to kneel down and outstretch my arms to catch an imagined few faltering steps.

When Colleen and Dan wanted to commit to Gage his file was not available. I knew this would happen to Owen which is why I couldn’t look because I know we can’t commit. In these guys country the children’s adoptive files are only available for a matter of weeks.

When a family does not come forward the files go back and are inaccessible. 18 months have passed and Owen is available again–his file is back, and so is another chance to be found. Gage’s family has been matched with him for five months and during that time have been raising funds to get him home, and funds it will take, around $28K. It’s hard, but never have I met an adoptive parent to say that it is not worth the time and energy.

1926926_660236587358507_1761125600_nThese kids need out. I wish that Colleen could tell Owen that his family is coming. I wish she could tell the others too, that they are found and loved that they have a lifetime of cherishing ahead in which all the comforts possibly will be theirs. But for him, and for these others there is no one right now who she can give that promise from.

I am writing this today hoping for a second of your time that you might know someone who could adopt a child from this orphanage in Eastern Europe. That they could commit soon and rescue a child from a fate that they do not deserve.

These children should be cherished and celebrated, not caged away and forgotten. What can be done? Step out in faith where I cannot. Be the person that I am not. Go for Owen. Or one of the other kids, they are precious in His sight and all need a family that is forever. They need medical help and the opportunity to thrive in freedom I know no other way to say this than that it is worth it–you could do no greater thing in al of your life than to save a life than to expand your love for children to include acting on a call to adopt.

I do not want this blog to be written in a tone of despair. My dream is to adopt, but that reality right now is not being the mama that is coming. My reality is asking you if you are the mama, dear reader. Are you Owen’s mom? Are you Tiya, Brandon, or Mikah ‘s parent? I know those folks are out there and even if they don’t know it, this is a child who is missing around the dining room table.

This week we witnessed that miracles do happen. An aging out girl named Salome who’s birthday was coming up had a family step forward in faith to bring her home.. The prayers that have gone up for this girl are countless. She is fully funded and despite all the money and all the love that orphan advocates had it just seemed like a family would never come forward. Miraculously, last night she reached the My Family Found Me place where her journey to redemption begins.

These children who are in orphanage with Colleen Novit’s son will some day see their family also. It would be an honor and true delight for her to tell those children that they had a mama coming. If that is not meant to be the play of events for this spring perhaps soon.

Gage is going home, to hugs and kisses from sisters and brothers. To his mama and daddy who God designed for him before the beginning of time. These other children at his orphanage are someone’s children too and like Gage there is someone who will love them. Talk about them, pray about them, dream about them, save them.

Gage’s story? His mom met him when she was in his country with her close friend to meet that friend’s 3 children who came home late last year (they brought home 5 the previous year). Colleen saw Gage and knew that he was her son and that she had to do everything that she could to get him with the rest of her children home in Wisconsin. The story of seeing a child and knowing that that child is yours is not unique to Gage, but makes him the luckiest most loved kid on earth as it does the next boy or girl who is redeemed through adoption.

millie2013-300x225Congratulations, Gage and to your sister Millie also on having a wonderful family coming for you. May your friends also have a message of Your Mama’s Coming for You in their lifetime.  Consider donating to the Novit family, and praying for the children who are without a family and thus cannot receive funds.

Colleen is up there in the ranks of highly awesome fundraising mamas, it’s an art and a joy to be a part of; if you are interested in seeing what Gage and Millie’s mom is up to, aside from and in addition to advocating for orphans from her kids centers, visit her blog I Will Come For You. I’m thrilled for Gage, and hope that his mom can give that special message to the other children who she is speaking out for that special promise that all these children should receive.

Today I was going to write about a little girl who has been in Ukraine for years. A gorgeous girl who cannot see. There’s a mother who met her and does not go a day without thinking about her. Sweet Wendy has a 10 thousand dollar fund with no family. I was going to write about her and share some of her angelic photos but today it is these kids who are time limited. That blog post is half done and will be out tomorrow. The mom who met her is also putting together a message to share the story of a seven year old without a mother who lives in a mental institution since the age of five without sight. For tonight though, Colleen’s message on orphans in Bulgaria:

We hope to travel next month and I’d love to be able to tell these four that they have mamas coming for them!

There was a point 2 years ago where everyone saw the urgent need and kids from their orphanage were being scooped up as quickly as they were listed….. unfortunately for these four, they have yet to be chosen

Tiya and Brandon are *NEWLY LISTED* we need to get their faces out there! Tiya is 8 (and yes that’s a current picture of her) and Brandon is 10 years old.

Mikah-300x275Mikah (bottom left) has my heart, I met him and loved on him last June. Amanda Unroe and I came home with a mission to get him listed and get him a family….Our agency was finally given his file and now we REALLY need a family for him. We are too young to qualify for him or we ABSOLUTELY would, without a shadow of a doubt, be going back for him!

Owen (bottom right) has been listed for over 18 MONTHS, UNCHOSEN.He is a child we wanted to add to our own adoption but were unable to be approved to do so. Our Program Coordinator has met him and says he’s an absolute doll. He has a blood disorder that is easy to manage and typical delays due to orphanage life…..even more so coming from *this* orphanage!

Darren-Jan-2014-1-300x181There’s a little guy who’s file goes back this week who I will miss very much. He is not in the same orphanage as the children mentioned above, but he is in the same country and under the same rules of files that are time limited availability. There is a chance that he may be seen again, and another than next Monday is the last that his face will be seen. I showed my husband this particular child’s file actually many months ago when it was first listed.

Each time I write, I am encouraging myself to keep advocating. When the kids are found, I am always astonished and when they are not and when they die, I am heart broken. Gage’s story is that he’s going home and has a wonderful family waiting for him, I want to celebrate that and advocate for the kids left behind that they will be chosen too and seen in their time.


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