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Chelsea's son

Chelsea’s son

Chelsea and I have something big in common. We both fell in love with the same child, who is soon to be brought home to a family who lives quite nearby Chelsea–they have even welcomed me to come meet their daughter, which is an incredible blessing.

(Editor’s note: I had the sweetheart’s photo here, but she belongs in an entry about her own family!)

Chelsea and I are about the same age and in the same stage of life (busy with 4 young children at home). She and her husband Josh have been married one year longer than my husband Darren and I and also met through church. The Claus family live a days drive away from us! I fully intend to meet them some day! That baby we both love? She’s being adopted by a family local to Chelsea, a family that neither one of us could imagine better for her. They will also bring home a darling son, very soon.


Thankfully for this post I have a cluster of wonderful Claus clan photos to punctuate all of my paragraphs with to hopefully hold your attention. I’m sure it’s enough to hear of a nice family bringing home a nice boy, but let me go on with all that I have.

In previous posts I have discussed the incredible bond that parents can have to children that they have only even seen one picture of, read one sentence about. Chelsea saw her son. She was up late (bad habit!) scrolling through the Newly Listed and saw HIM.


1960151_10201396173292989_584019295_n 1964479_10201396173172986_1471423757_n 1974646_10201396175733050_1931618748_n 1980680_10201396175693049_1708690686_n 10002794_10201396173412992_1319152860_n 10003337_10201396173212987_1019036152_nListed as Donald on Reece’s Rainbow, this little guy with dark hairs and chocolate brown eyes peered deep into her soul and it was as if she could hear him whisper, “Come get me, Mama!” Donald has a condition that Chelsea had never heard of; she quickly she copied his label, “SOTOS syndrome” in to a search engine and began her research. It didn’t matter to her what any online writing said about the long term outcome of his genetic disorder, she knew that this was her son and that she had to do everything she could do to get him home.

The Claus family are in the Waiting for Travel Dates stage on the Almost There tier of the adoption process. It’s been at least a year and Chelsea has beyond honed in to the relentless determination that defines motherhood for Donald. They have $8,000 until Fully Funded.

All of these pictures are clickable to the Claus family’s adoption fund. There you will find a link to their blog. You may also contact Chelsea on Facebook to learn about ongoing and upcoming events to learn how you can participate in bringing this precious child home into the arms of his brothers and sisters where he belongs with the mother and father who will give him limitless love forever.

Take a moment to look at these beautiful faces. When he comes home, the boy who Reece’s Rainbow calls Donald will be named Levi these sweet young ones around his framed face love him so dearly despite having not met him. What a gift. Before they go to bed at night they say a prayer to Jesus for their brother and know that they are heard and that their brother is seen by the Lord’s ever watchful eye. Levi, you are loved.

Currently the Claus clan have a Lilla Rose Fundraiser going on, so if you did not have the opportunity to buy that product with the Jenks family fundraiser that I wrote about a couple weeks ago, here is another chance.

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