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Ian (Keegan)The Endeavors of the Heart event went really well. If you participated, thank you so much. If you did not have the opportunity, don’t miss out on what is coming next.

The event included the sale of 16 bracelets designed and assembled by the future sisters of Keegan (Ian when he’s home to KY) each one went for $16.50. Out all the gorgeous designs, there are two bracelets left. With free shipping to the USA, just click the image below and comment at your destination.

My favorite auctions or buy-it-now sales to participate in and support are those that involve children using their talents to help bring home their siblings through adoption. Each creation is such a gift. After the bracelet event has ended, we will all get to see the magical water color paintings that Ian’s sisters make!

Beaded bracelet, some glass in  shades of green (turquoise),   amber, and silver.   7" length


Glass beaded bracelet in hues of  black, silver, and clear beads with  a "believe" charm. 8" in length

Tomorrow is Ian’s adoptive mama’s birthday, I would love to see a jump in their family fund as a birthday gift for her! This is an awesome mama, who has the sweetest “We knew we were meant to adopt” story that I will have to have her tell sometime.

I also want to draw attention to an event that I just learned of called Balloons for Babies which I would like you to follow the link for if you are on Facebook. It is another way to raise money waiting children. You could buy a balloon for Marni, a one year old in Ian’s country. She’s special to Ian’s mama, we would love to see this sweet girl’s fund grow for whoever her future family is. There are over 1000 kids to choose from and this event is this week!

Marni-295x300Voice for Vantrease! Ian’s mama just wrote on Facebook recently rejoicing in her daughter’s love for Jesus, a little girl who only a couple years ago had never heard his name. Why save orphans? Because Jesus first loved them. I’m so thrilled for this family as our family loved the young man that they are bringing home when he was first listed available for international adoption.

A lot of information here. Bracelets: sale was successful! Buy the last two remaining! Mama’s birthday’s tomorrow, and buy a balloon for the family’s favorite baby.

ALSO. Remember yesterday’s blog entry!

Visit KEEGAN for the Vantrease family — KY to make a birthday donation to Ian’s adoptive mama, Anita. Please!

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