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Amidst my messy kitchen and heart that is heavy over Ukraine’s upheavals I want to tell you about a cool event that includes the word Hope that is going through this month. It’s “March Miracles: 21 Days of Hope” a campaign in it’s first year that will play a crutial role in the maintained smooth operations of Reece’s Rainbow.

Koen William Mainly I can’t let this one go because one of the little boys included is my precious Koen William! OK. Not the one that I tuck into bed every night, but another one who is actually in the country that I mentioned above.

Why not the 31 Days of Hope? March does have 31 days, right? The reason for 21 is that March 21 is National Down Syndrome awareness day, Reece’s Rainbow originally operated for the international adoption first of children with Down Syndrome. They advocate for all special needs, but this is the meaning for the twenty one and I love it! These women are so creative and Day 1 was a smashing hit. The child of the day met her $1000 quota and it is on to child two, Brandon. Day 21 will be Koen William. The $37 in his fund right now is from the Harr famiy, from our $40 donation when he was listed. 10% of all donations go to the Voice of Hope fund (VoH) which is vital for keeping this operation up and um, operating.

Click on the banner link to learn about this exciting campaign. It’s bedtime here, which is my first importance in making tomorrow work in my real time.

Donate $21 during 21 Days of Hope, I hope to. 😉

On my sidebar is an automatically updating photo of the child of the day, compliments of our brilliant graphic design artist, Lucille Brown.

JeffersonThere are children on here who were also on Angel Tree 2013. Another family favorite at our house is Jefferson who the Harr kids call, “The boy who fell off a building and didn’t die.” There are a couple short videos available of him before he was transferred two years ago. He’s the same age as my oldest son. Jefferson is a very lucky boy, not only to be alive after falling off a three story building but to be attending school which very few orphans get to do.

All of these children have a story and a reason why they belong in a family, one may your son or daughter. Or your neighbors, seriously. Check these kids out…you don’t fall off a building and live for nothing.


Remember 21 Days of Hope.

And Bert and Ernie? They had their place on Angel Tree 2013, but no one knows how long they have together. The older they get the lower their chances of staying together.

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