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Rainbow ChildWhen you love a child you will do anything for that one. Or that four, as it is for me. When there is a little one in your life, that feeling is yours and it will never go away. Your care and compassion, your interest in their safety is a top priority explainable and comparable against nothing else.

God says bone of my bone flesh of my flesh about husband and wife, not of children.

Over the past two years since I have fallen into (completely without my permission) into a wonderful culture of women and men who adopt, I have learned that you can love a child like this who you have never met before–love is not born of blood, but born in the spirit. Sometimes a child is into adolescence when they come home to you, not understanding or having possibly ever heard your language. Yet from all eternity that life is your life. My child is my rainbow, my ray of light, even in the darkest storms.

I want to let you know today that you don’t have to adopt to help a family bring their ray of light home. Reece’s Rainbow has developed a simple system called The Family Warrior Program where you can sign up to follow a family through their adoption process from commitment to their child, through the day that their child is home at last. Sometimes that process is under a year, sometimes it extends well beyond 12 months.

You do not have to be an adoption expert–you don’t have to be anything other than an encouraging voice and a friend to talk to. Many of these families would love to know you as an advocate and coordinator, a person who takes the time to pray for their child and this process. My children mean more to me than anything in the world, I would go to measureless lengths for their safety. These moms and dads feel the same way about their children abroad. Please click on the image to learn about the Family Warrior Program and sign up with a family!

Editors note: I’m picking up this blog entry from yesterday to add some names of people going abroad to bring home their kids who would like to put their names out as specifically wanting to be involved in this program.

Pretty much, when you tell me you want a Family Warrior you are putting yourself out there as someone who doesn’t mind having a complete stranger quite potentially breath deeply down the back of your neck. That might sound inappropriate, but the fact is that the whole purpose is to get a second set of feelers in the finagelings of this process. Keep that Warrior at arms length, throw some fundraisers their way and say, “Here, coordinate this!” and hopefully they will bring in smashing revenue for free! Right?!

Click the link below will send you to my family’s blog. They’re nearly done compiling the documents required for their home study to be sent in. My knowledge of homestudies is limited to my training, which is education on the Washington state foster care requirements for home safety. If I wanted to know more about this I could talk to the family that I am sponsoring. This can be a learning experience for everyone!


Xavier’s family in Georgia would like a family warrior. Once he’s home, he will have two brothers and a sister who was also adopted, actually from the same country where he is now. They’re “Traveling Soon” which means that this young boy will be united with his family soon. Visit Miracles and Mudpies to get to know the Gilreath’s story.

Kelly and Paul have been married 17 years and are bringing home their daughter Rita from Eastern Europe very shortly. The Mayr’s are awesome! I’ve gotten to know Kelly a bit over Facebook through the time that they have been moving through this adoption as they have stayed active in the foster system. She’s a hard working, creative and open minded woman who is always ready to help others. This would be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn, if you are the one looking to go a warrioring and for her, someone to talk to as she takes the last few leaps getting her girl home. “Court Passed” means that Rita is legally the Mayr’s daughter. Kelly is the one to tell you what’s next. All I know is that they have to go get her. Visit Welcome to the Mayr Madness! for more.

The dear Thorp family lost one of their daughters from a two girl sibling group to cancer which they were entirely unaware of even being part of the picture. This news came on February 13th, 2014 with an early morning photo call to their Texas home. If you are a pro-homeschooling, Christian individual who keeps a cluster of mustard seed with an apetite for adventure, this family is a fit for you, potential Family Warrior pal.

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