Abegayle Joy: 2 years Old.

Two years ago today.

going home!

going home!

Actually that was two years and one day ago that I was pacing around the kitchen betting myself that I could wait until after 11pm to wake up my husband.
That time came and went and before I knew it we were in the car and going through drive-through for coffee and comfortably (not so much for me) on our way to have a baby. This was my second WA delivery which meant that my mom was with us.

my first! 2006

2006: My first delivery

Each pregnancy and delivery is a first in itself, each baby a miracle to a level that you cannot understand unless you have paced around your house with pain that comes out of nowhere and returns to nowhere with as little warning as it’s coming. Babies are AWESOME no matter how they come into your life, labor and delivery cannot be understood or stand against anything else. And men…don’t tell a woman that you understand! …Back to the baby though. This one I did not get to hold in my arms the moment that she entered the world and I have yet to be told why.

It was across the room and onto the warming bed that she went. Had I been offered her and refused to hold my baby girl? I don’t like to think about how I felt in those minutes or how long eternity slowed or even stopped. Then there she was, someone choosing that I could now have her. I was determined then that I wouldn’t let other people experience her special moments for me ever again.

2009 and 2012 babies!

2009 and 2012 babies!

Hopefully I will get to have as many of those firsts as I have in my power to seize. Would that moment have been mine if it were a home birth? The value is that she was alive and that God chose for her to still be here today. That we have been given the gift of her in our lives for two whole years.

At this time 2 years ago I was looking at her next to me, both of us recovering from our time at the hospital lazily watching something on TLC. It was What Not to Wear. Last time I ever watched that!

It’s 2014. Tomorrow, two days after A.J’s birthday we’re celebrating at home with family. We’ve bought her a toddler bed, a VTech laptop computer, a dry-erase whiteboard with markers (she loves using her older brother’s set) and a new pack of Crayola markers for her many coloring books.

Picking them out was something I was not involved with, but we did talk about it together ahead of time.

Cath and A.J

Cath and A.J: August 2012

Thank you, Lord, for this precious baby girl and for blessing our family with her. We treasure every while that we have her and know that she is forever in your safekeeping. In this next year may she grow to know you and may her mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters help continue to be the loving little individual that she is.

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