Endevour of the Heart

8" long bracelet with cross charm.   $16.50 which includes shipping

8″ long bracelet with cross charm.
$16.50 which includes shipping


This is an opportunity for you to wear your orphan love on your sleeve! Check out the bracelets that Keegan’s future mom and sisters have been making to raise money for him to come home. Read on! For under $20 you’re making a big difference. Below you’re scrolling through a copy of what his adoptive mom has put on her blog except here in one post, redirected to what would be a lot of individual postings. This is for your ease of viewing!

The adoptive family for Keegan is having their first online fundraising sale. I’ve copied the images of the jewelry that they have made by hand, borrowed the descriptions and linked you back to their blog. $16.50 gets you a bracelet, shipping included. Click on the photo here and purchase the bracelet of your choice where the link takes you.

 Though the purchase of one or more of these bracelets designed and made by Keegan’s mama and sisters you are supporting his adoption to the United states. Click here to see him, if you have not already. I’m so excited to in a years time see photos of this young man home to the Vantrease’s place where he will be loved and cherished forever.

As I upload the pictures of these bracelets I know I’m missing three but can’t seem to place which ones.

Each is unique, many have glass beads and such beautiful patterns. These are super cute.

The hands that designed and assembled these bracelets also paint scripture onto canvas which the family will sell later in their fund raising process. Look forward to that, I certainly do!  This is a Buy It Now sale.

First to respond by clicking on the image and commenting where you are directed gets the item for $15.50 free shipping inside the USA. This is the beginning of many hours spent sisters working to bring a brother home.

“Believe” charm bracelet with glass beads. It is in lavender,
gold, greens with silver color spacers. 8″ length

Beaded & shell “believe” charm
bracelet.Shades of gold, yellow and black
8″ length


White, pink, silver, beaded
bracelet with “believe” charm.
Love the glass beads on this one too!
7″ length


Glass beaded bracelet in hues of
black, silver, and clear beads with
a “believe” charm.
8″ in length


Grey glass beaded bracelet with”believe” charm.
8″ length


Shades of blue/amber/red/yellow with silver color
spacers and “prayer box” charm.
8″ length


Aqua/clear glass beaded >
8″ length


Shades of pale green, browns and clear
glass beads with a “cross” charm.
8″ length


White and clear glass beads on this
cute bracelet with a “Hope” charm.
8″ length


Glass beaded bracelet in pretty
turquoise and brown tones with
a “believe” charm.
9″ length


Mauve/pink/clear glass beaded
bracelet with “Faith” charm.
7″ length


Black/silver/clear glass beaded
bracelet with “Faith” charm.
7″ length


Turquoise/clear/pink glass beaded
bracelet with “Hope” charm.
9″ length


Here’s the logo for the Vantreases jewelry sales. I’ll have this sign on all of the sales related to the bracelets. Will we see some necklace and earing sets? That’d be really awesome also.

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