Keep it up Kamdyn

Here’s a princess living among us.

Well, not us… but another daughter of the King who needs to come home and who in an afternoon God brings my attention especially on Kamdyn so I am writing about in as much as I know. She’s not a new to Reece’s Rainbow and please read on.

When a child catches my attention I have myself hoping that a family would bring her home nearby me. Could you work that out, God?


A fully funded is around $28K for her country, 12 month approximate time frame for a first time adopting family.

Kamdyn in 2013

Kamdyn in 2013

Kamdyn has received excellent care in her country, carefully monitored and quickly attended to her unique needs. Her physicians believe that some expected upcoming procedures could be better met in the USA. Is her adoptive family here? Praise Jesus that she’s been cared for as she has; and actually it’s her growing at which is what brought me to blog about her today. Nice things seem to be happening here–for this preschooler who has been registered for adoption for two years.

Reading that she’s had consistent careful care I’d love to equate to good parenting, unfortunately this is not home where she is, it’s orphanage in it’s very best maybe but not what a mom and dad can provide.

Look up Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome in your search. I had not read about it, because I never had a reason to. Kamdyn is affected by it in various ways, including additional digits on her right hand. Copying from her profile on Reece’s Rainbow, “her uterus and right ovary has been removed; Hydronephrosis of the left kidney that has been surgically addressed and astigmatism.” Everything in the list of things that Kamdyn enjoys doing and works on in her development such as looking at picture books and stacking blocks are those things that you would imagine any American child her size doing. Despite her unique medical differences and liver problems, she is going through potty training and living healthfully and happily. There are no guarantees or a promise of life for Kamdyn, it is all safe keeping and barrowed time waiting for adoptive parents.

Children from Kamdyn’s country who do not have Down Syndrome do not have a fixed adoptive fund available until a family has committed to them which means that money cannot build up for a future adoption. The reason that Kamdyn has a fund where money can be donated is that she has had a family who promised to adopt her but lost the commitment.

It’s hard to pick that statement up on a cheerful note other than the one that I always try to seal everything off with and that is a strong and sweet Jesus has Got This promise that I have found so easy to say. It works with everything: life, death, health, sickness, achievement, struggle. How was Kamdyn’s day? I’m about to start a supper of tomato soup and grill cheese for my children who are around her age; what does she get to eat I wonder.

How many more birthdays will pass by before she is at home? Her profile that is viewable for the public here does not say what month her birth was but in our home for kids their first day on earth is celebrated and anticipated with great excitement.

Our life would not be complete were one of our four not here. You may not know it, but for you Kamdyn may be that child. I wish that I had more photos to share and have requested her video. Kamdyn, keep it up. Say healthy, baby girl.

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