That Time Again: Angel Tree

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I’m thrilled to be participating in <a href=””>Angel Tree Twenty Fifteen</a>.

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The past couple years I held back on signing up, but this being the 3rd year I’ve watched this wonderful fundraiser the more eager I am to jump in and get planning. Just now I put in my little application, which includes the top choices of children that I’d like to participate for.

Angel Tree is the name of Reece’s Rainbow’s biggest fundraiser project of the year. It extends between October 1st and December 31st, in which time “warriors” seek to raise $1,000. How that money is raised is to be done according to the means and creativity of each who takes on the challenge.

Usually it involves community help by way of some fundraiser, social media, auctions, dinners. Or, obviously just a large personal donation! Everything is tax deductible, made through Reece’s Rainbow, after October 1st. Donations toward the Angel Tree project accumulated before that date could go into a GoFundMe or kept personally by the warrior, to be deposited in the child’s adoption fund between October 1st and Dec 31st in order to count towards the 1K goal.

This afternoon I just wanted to introduce the children who I’ve applied to advocate for through that time frame. After sending in my email application I’ll get a notice back notifying me which child I’ll be pushing for. The event will begin in 44 days, sign ups close Oct 28–any children without a sponsor signed up for them will be taken off the list and not be in the running to gain $1,000. Of course, donations are accepted year round to grow children’s funds giving adoptive families that much less of a financial burden once they commit to a child.

There is always need to advocate, for any and all children who are available for adoption. Angel Tree just happens to be a terrific chance to celebrate fundraising and bring attention to the need of orphans abroad. What better way to celebrate Christ’s death and rising again than in giving to the need of children without mothers and fathers? This is a project absolutely worthy of my time, as well as yours.
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