1000th child home.


orphan no more!

orphan no more!


This one is orphan number 1000 redeemed through the adoption facilitation team.

These girls are now sisters, brought together through the miracle of adoption from Bulgaria by the Huizinga family of Virginia. I have not followed this journey, but from a fast glance at their blog I see that these now sisters are fortunate enough to be joining a big family! They have six siblings now, built in playmates now to grow up with–how exciting. Born and raised in a large family, I know the unique blessings of being one of many, it’s a wonderful life; these girls will have such an adventure ahead of them. Congratulations, little ladies and many well wishes to you Huizinga clan!

Don’t miss a moment, dear family.

I am adding your blog to the side here, as I will with every family that I mention on this blog so that I can check on you, should you stop to share for a moment the happenings in your home. Farm Girl in the ‘Burbs!

Happy Valentines day, girls. And most of all, may you enjoy so many wonderful birthdays with your forever family–never alone again. Loved and cherished as God designed and purposed for you so to be.

Welcome home, darling ones.