Callie Girl

Her name is Callie.

callieShe’s cuter than any button that you ever could buy. She’s quite possibly in an orphanage, signed by her biological mother to be available for international adoption because of a deep rooted superstition that Down Syndrome is a sign of the parents confirmation of a place reserved in perpetual darkness in the afterlife. Can you imagine? Yes. You can. You’ve experienced devastating fear, gripping pain and complete aloneness over something. It doesn’t have to be over a child. It could be over a part lost in a play because you got food poisoning and can’t be there for the audition that you believe might turn your life around, thus giving that chance to someone who you believe absolutely doesn’t deserve it. Maybe the favorite color of lipstick you’ve always worn has been discontinued or a finals test that makes or breaks your desired career doesn’t work out, missing by just one question that you think of the moment after you have no second chance. That’s devastation. That’s the moment that you’ll cry inside, at least a part of, for what in that moment seems like a forever.

Callie’s birth mom? She may have dreamed of a, “perfect child” endured a hard delivery, bordered on the brink of death, carried through only by the love of a child that she’d bonded with over nine months of inside butterflies that turned to little kicks and caused her uterus to swell and that magic moment of delivery. After painful moments that turned into hours she held what initially appeared to be a perfect baby, perhaps she was told by her grandmother standing nearby that this baby looked like a family.

Very little information is given about “Callie” but easily we can imagine that isn’t wasn’t long after bringing this little girl home, her mother began to notice that her baby was unique in some incredibly undesirable ways. Perhaps it was that she was floppy, or maybe it was her flatter facial features as she progressed through that six week period in which babies begin to really look as they will as children and adults. Callie’s mother would doubtlessly been taught that Down Syndrome would shame her family. Her daughter either could be hidden forever, or institutionalized before word even got out that a child had been born. Judging by Callie’s young age, it looks like the second option was taken.

If you’ve read articles of advocating for fundraising of adoption from other countries you’ll hear about heartless abandonment. As a mother of four young children I refuse to write with that tone unless I explicitly read in a government document file translated into English by a social worker in that country that the child was found in a plastic bag near a drainage pipe or obvious form of disregard for life. Look at our society. Woman of all ages and across all levels of society and education are scared out of going full term in their pregnancy finding birth defect in their child in utero. While their child probably is not based on a fear of their place in the afterlife, it’s a life changing choice. Some of these woman come forward to write their story of guilt–of how they wish a million times over that they could take that moment back.

This is a post of hope.

Coming, baby girl.

Callie's familyThere is a family in Washington state that sees perfection. They’ve prayed and looked to the Lord for guidance. They believe that they’ve heard a resounding, “Yes” from the Lord and savior who says of Callie, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Wonderfully made. This beautiful girl is gorgeous in the eye of GOD.

She’s made in perfection, she’s strong, she’s a testimony of his magnificent will and her life is a gift.

When Callie’s mom signed a form saying that this precious girl could travel overseas she granted the Henry family a chance to know and raise this precious child of God to His glory for as long as she shall live. I plan to continue to write about her story as it develops, bringing you the opportunity to help bring her home.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psa 139:14

This family is Jacqueline and Michael Henry along with their children Rhianon (16 and born in Ukraine), Tyler age 10 and sweet little Pyper is 3 who is soon to be a big sister.

Adoption from Callie’s country where soon-to-be big sister Rhianon was also born and grew up for a number of years, can easily be under a year from beginning to completion of process to the USA. Which means, if all goes smoothly, this baby could be celebrating her birthday a little late as a Henry in Washington state. Can you imagine? Yes, you can, because at some point in your life you had an opportunity that blew you away. A chance that changed your life, that came so unexpectedly that could have been yesterday or many years back that just turned everything around. Maybe, maybe even adoption.

Here is a little more about the Henry family.

Mama and Daddy:

They were first loves. Jaqueline attests to loving Michael from age 14. The two love birds have been married since 1983, considering themselves together for 37 years. How magnificent!

Michael is manager at a Napa store, while Jaqueline stays at home with their children as a full time mother, feeling that there is room in her heart and home for little Callie who they will give a new name upon her arrival.

Fundraisers tentatively planned.
An auction to launch in October. It will have teas from my online store that I already have in stalk at home and will personally ship. The auction will also have Pampered Chef products from Jaqueline’s direct sales line. We’ll have coats and baby hats available as well. Everything will have a base bid that includes shipping costs and run for two weeks.

We also want to have a shoe fundraiser and have details forth coming.

For Callie, being a child with special needs we’d like to honor her in a Super Hero Cape Fundraiser. Please click those words to learn about how that works. A date has yet to be picked, we’re open to the idea of having it open through the whole of this process as it’s a wonderful way to bring awareness.

Current financial needs. There is no mercy with adoption waiting periods. When it’s time to pay, it’s time to pay. Good intentions don’t win the race. Here’s what the Henry family is up against right now: The complete charge for commitment, $500, which will closely be followed by the $1500 for the homestudy, which is a social worker coming in to check out the Henry’s home for safety and preparedness to give proper care for a baby, showing that they have space and facilities to have a child of Callie’s age. If you’re interested in contributing the beginning of this journey, please visit Gofundme through this link: Adopting Down Syndrome Pureness

As I’ve been writing this piece I’ve been in conversation with the wonderful woman who God has give then heart to be Callie’s mother. She welcomes questions from you as well, my reader. Please reach Jacqueline through her email:
or the regularly checked address:

Again, congratulations to the Henry family and many blessings as they follow God’s bidding to travel overseas to gain a daughter.

Opportunity, Reece’s Rainbow family!

10427217_10204512276638310_6203026995230421685_nTonight I was talking with a strong adoption advocate and mama about ways to raise money for waiting children and families. I was half there and half in the midst of making before bed snacks for my children. I mentioned to her that I’ve joined Jewelry in Candles and that I could also these awesome tarts and candles into giveaway events. The conversation went on to mention that we do a lot of giveaways. I also rep for Endless Xpressions. We sell Floating lockets, Charms, western / bling style handbags & wallets, personalized totes, totes & bags, leggings, snap jewelry, scarves, leg warmers, arm warmers. I thought of offering month proceeds to chosen families. People who shop in that pay period would be guaranteed that their purchase would go to profit the adoptive family or waiting child that I’ve announced. I’d love to do that! 690474bea8f902e3233662661b8dac03As I’m logging on to my shop I see that we’ve extended our Join for 1 Dollar rep recruit period that was running through the holiday. That offer is active for January 15th, 2015. PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING MY TEAM! It’s affordable, pays right into your Paypal and there are no monthly fees to keep your back office open. You do have to make an order of at least $20 monthly and log in once to your page. Easy! Purchasing a kit is optional. I suggest doing it for vendor events, or adoption drives of any kind that you could incorporate the products into. This is so much easier than keeping around auction items for me! If you have any questions, email me at and please look around my Endless Xpressions page and do consider joining my team. I really don’t think you’d regret it! One thing though, you can’t already be a rep for anyone that sells floating lockets, bags, scarves, flip flops, or leggings. So really, if you have a $1, and don’t rep for Thirty One or Origami Owl, etc SO do this.  The products are so reasonably priced. This is an amazing opportunity! Also, thanks for the rainbow “Help Wanted” graphic, Jennifer Quinn. Jewelry in Candles also had a $1 to Join offer has extended. You can see it when you enter my site and go to Become a Rep. The kit is usually $29.95, and for a limited time just one dollar. The comp is super generous: 40%. This totally could be utilized for adoption fundraising. We love the concept behind Jewelry in Candles. You just burn your candle or tart down until you reach a little triple wrapped baggie, open it and find your ring or necklace. At check out you select if you want a necklace or a ring. If you’re wanting a ring, you can specify what size: between 6 and 9. Some of our candles even have earings inside! My family’s first experience with Jewlery in Candles was winning a tart. The scent was just delightful! Soy candles are our favorite. It was pecan pie scent. If you’d come to the front door, you’d have believed I’ve finally learned to bake, it was that good! 2532028b0ccc1aa7eda422709f2d78eaPretty much I’m thrilled to be part of both these companies, I think the teams I’ve joined are terrific and hope to stay in both for a very long while. Endless Xpressions: Wonderful alternative to auctions, paid weekly into your paypal account. Generous compensation, no back office charge. Jewelry in Candles: Nice product, long lasting scent, although on the off set, looks expensive, consider there’s a ring or other jewelry that could be worth a lot! These are fun items to have in give-aways, or sell at events. You could even try to get a salon hooked on the product and get long term regular sales. PS: That’s not my hand! I’ll post photos of our necklace find soon. After Carly found her necklace she was determined that we join this company. It’s like the toy in a cereal box, except so much better. Well, you don’t get to eat the candle as you do the cereal, but you do all of the sudden know exactly what you’re in the mood to eat and get a gorgeous piece of jewelry to make you even more beautiful when you go out to eat! Anyway, terrific business opportunity, and please visit my shops! Jewelry in Candles and Endless Xpressions. I currently have 15% off leggings with coupon code HAPPY2015 with EX.

All Mamas Wrap


Hey friends. b836c44eaafdb1fb4a14b40786708d1431021225321-Mikey-214x300Last year this time I had tears pouring down my face and prayers bursting from my heart for the children on Angel Tree to make their goals. Not all of them did, and it was hard to take. The truth was, they had more in their funds than they did when the drive to elevate all those waiting children overseas adoption funds by $1000 each by December 31 beginning at November 1st began. A good number of those children are home with their families now, some of those families had never heard of Reece’s Rainbow before.  One of the reasons that Angel Tree gets so hard is that it’s an idea that so many people have not heard of. This is not an adoption agency. It’s an advocacy network and support website that works together to raise money for individual children. As the season was winding down last year I got questions from people who had been viewing my posts all those weeks without speaking up. All of the sudden I was flooded with questions that I had no idea were out there, such as people wondering why I’d give money to Ukraine. Money to Ukraine? This is money for a child waiting to be adopted. Just because the child lives in Ukraine does not mean the Ukraine government ever touches it, or even knows that your donation is there. Sadly, these questions came after December 31st had come and gone. 

143_28_10_2008_KolyoWhat questions do you have that I can help with? I reached my goal for the older boy from Eastern Europe who I’ve been advocating for. Due to some pretty dang awesome people working together, and being armed with more awareness on what questions are on peoples hearts. I have to know where the skepticism is in order to hit it. One step is showing people that there is something in their life that is in common with what you want them to look at, then the reality strikes. Or it goes the other way, and that individual is gone to the cause. Surprisingly, next year they may be back with curiosity about the annual cause and remembering the year before can give willingness to participate. I believe in God and know that he works in amazing ways. I’ll forever advocate for orphans waiting for adoptive families. Today is DECEMBER 31st 2014. New Years is a mere hours away. I want to make the new year more than last year. I’ve just signed up for something completely different, but really it’s a revolutionary idea that’s been right under my nose. Over this weekend an announcement came out that the signature product of It Works  will be at a 2 for 1 deal. THATS A $140 SAVINGS. The Ultimate Body Applicator changes your body by shrinking saggy skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes and can be applied from the neck down. Just a matter of days ago I signed with It Works Global as a distributor after learning about their entirely different line of products.

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Do all mamas wrap? No. Not with It Works Global. But with some kind of cloth or other material. Our culture is always telling us that we have something to hide. Why hide it?

I want to look like this, and eat the cake too. I can do that with the Ultimate Fat burner while I get going on getting myself in shape! 76220_10152216688295425_1893787250_nDespite having looked like this four times over. It Works has a wonderful line of Greens to keep energy boosted and those veggies intake where they should be even when your fridge isn’t full of fresh cut colors fresh from the ground. On the go? Grab some chews.407495_10151221779690425_1557155699_n

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Knowing the Story, Seeing the Faces


Romeo’s is going home!

It’s personal when there’s a face to the name and even just a few words to describe that face. It’s this connection that makes families born not of blood but or what seems somehow to be much more, it’s a spirit that is magic to watch unfold though at times seems one sided as the child may have grown up in an environment with instability not knowing who to trust. This morning I included the picture of a girl full body embracing a woman who was at the young girl’s orphanage in Eastern Europe to adopt another child. The photo of this connection was so powerful that it had to be kept and made public for those who might come by Greta’s publically available profile. I’m sure that I am not the only advocate who has watched her grow up in pictures sporting boys clothes, underweight, with a shaved head and despite that just has the biggest smile in so many of her pictures that have come through the adoption boards as individuals spend time with her appreciating her friendly welcoming attitude and wishing her all the best.


Greta’s 16 and finally going home!

While Greta has spent so very many years waiting her heart is prepared for a family, a wonderful family that God has prepared to receive her. In only a matter of weeks they’ll be together.

Felix is 11 and going home!

Felix is 11 and going home!

On January 19th Stephanie Barnett will be leaving to adopt Greta, Felix and little Romeo from Eastern Europe. Orphans no more, in such a short while!

Stephanie is not new to adoption, in fact she’s brought home other children from overseas who were also listed on Reece’s Rainbow. In 2011 the Barnett family brought home 3 children who were listed as Trenton, Leeza and Igor. They’re thriving and loving life with their Texas born siblings and are so excited for the arrival of Greta, Felix and Romeo. Felix has been listed a while, but not quite as long as Greta. He also has a winner of a smile, at 11 years old, it’s about time this guy start his adventures as a son and beloved brother that he’s always meant to be. All happens in God’s perfect family, and I just so rejoice that this family is coming together.


Clarice needs a family, soon!

This morning I wrote focusing on the advocating programs that Reece’s Rainbow has to organize adoption enthusiasts who cannot for personal reasons step forward in adoption personally. I said that all sorts of people apply to be Prayer Warriors, Guardian Angels, Family Warriors, and Angel Tree Warriors. The Barnett family have Carol Miller as their Family Warrior, and express their deep gratitude for her participation in moving along efforts to organize matching grants and fundraisers along the way.

Her day job is special education teacher at a community school in North Carolina. A beautiful part of this adoption community is that there are no bounds. Sometimes as I’m telling my husband stories of different families he’ll ask what state, and I’ll stop and realize that I don’t even know. Everyone is a dear friend when caring for orphans is what we have in common. When I wrote this morning I was having a momentary confusion between Greta and her age-mate Clarice. Stephanie Barnett brought to my attention an important detail that I did not know about Clarice’s story: A donor has stepped up and said that she will fully fund Clarice’s adoption, if this girl is found by adoption before she ages out of eligibility for international adoption from her country which she is quickly approaching.

If Clarice does age out, the $15,378.80 in her adoption fund will be gifted to another child.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16)


Back for Bree

imagesVJUTL3IZA few weeks ago we had a bumping bonus going on with Reece’s Rainbow. Children under $100 would receive donations, once they made it over that 100, a child under $500 would be boosted over the 500 wall. We have these bump bonuses every year as Angel Tree season comes near closing. Here’s the chart that I immediately assumed to be written in stone: if someone raised Bree to $100, Kolya would go to $500, despite his being well under $400. These boosts were not deserved, yet when I made the donation to Bree that I thought would shoot Kolya over and what I thought would happen did not, the level of disappointment I experienced was tremendous. Shortly after I felt such shame. 10411832_10105764522362854_2914897482316100651_n   My Kolya was had been sitting steady for almost at week in the $350 range, his bump depending on a little girl from Ch!na being moved over the $100 wall. I have seen no fundraising for her, no one asking for donations on a private or public page for her so I wondered how likely it was that the bump would happen. There has been a lot of spending on my part this month, and I felt like giving would really be a financial stretch.

It was a Sunday, I was pressing refresh as often as the page allows and praying my heart out that someone was looking at Bree. This was a twist in my fundraising, all season, which is November 1st to December 31st I had been hoping and praying, speaking out and laboring over growing the fund of a boy in Bulgar!a, now all of the sudden I’m aching over a girl of the same age and need in Ch!na. I wrote about her on my Facebook and told my co-warrior of the amount that it would take to Bree‘s account to boost Kolya over $500. If you’re new to my blog, I created this blog to use it as a space to advocate for children waiting for adoptive homes living in orphanages in Eastern Europe, Africa and through Asia. Specifically children with special needs, primarily Down Syndrome, but ranging from cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness, limb difference, HIV+, and the list goes on. I write about sibling sets, babies, older kids, and of course the families who are adopting.




octagonalangeltree14Angel Tree season is the ten weeks that I pick a specific child to raise $1,000 for. The rest of the year I have a specific family that I gear my fundraisers for. My Angel Tree child last year was a baby from Ukraine who shortly after having $1,000 raised went home to live with a beautiful family in the Midwest along with another young boy from the same orphanage. I find that advocating for orphans is spiritually rewarding for my children as well, as many of the kids listed for adoption are their ages. We talk about the needs kids have, the value of giving and the appreciating that we can have for the gifts that God gives us and how he provides for the needs of his children. There are over 200 children on Angel Tree this year, the 8th year that Reece’s Rainbow has held an annual time of holding up individual kids for a $1,000 goal with personal sponsors.


Only 40 have made the goal, with ten days to go. Kolya has met his Angel Tree goal, now it’s Bree’s turn. Let me tell you what I know about Bree. To set the scene. Where were you in 2001? I was beginning community college, on my way to an associates in Early Childhood Education. I signed up for English 101, college study skills, and Intro to ECE. Somewhere in China a mother was giving birth an infant who had Down Syndrome. The little baby had sweet little hands and feet, an adorable round face and perhaps a full head of hair and loving eyes for her mother. But to this mother it was not a moment of pure illation, it may have been a moment of fear and even sadness. In a culture where boys are preferred, she had birthed a girl. Down Syndrome had happened. Was Bree’s mama in love with her despite the Down Syndrome? Bree was kept until age 1, according to her file. The words that have been sitting on Bree’s file on Reece’s Rainbow for at least two years, the paragraph that go with her photo to describe who she is: Girl, born December 2001 PRC Down syndrome Bree has normal limb development. Upon admission, she was 1 year old. After growing accustomed to life in the social welfare center, she began to understand how things worked, She was polite and could get along well with people. At the age of 10 years, she could go up and down stairs, could put on clothes and shoes independently, and could help adults. Now she cannot speak, but she can make sounds of “yiyiyaya”. She can count 1-10, can recognize big and small, but cannot concentrate in the special education class. Bree is open, can get along well with others, likes playing with kids in the playground, and likes playing on the slide and swing.


Everyone likes staying with her and sharing joy with her. Bree has been waiting for a long time for her family to find her.

Meeting a family is not impossible. Meeting her fundraising goal is not impossible either. There’s a deadline, obviously Bree has until she’s 14 to be adopted, and she has until December 31st to have her 2014 Angel Tree goal met. Hope is never lost. The day that I put $46.80 in Bree’s fund to boost Kolya and saw hers go over $100 through my donation and his not move within the next day I cried, only hours later to see him move to $500 realizing the boost had worked and feeling a complete wash over of shame for caring so much about the money in one child’s fund and giving to another just for growth in the other’s.

Each of the little people on this Angel Tree are sleeping and waking without parents participating in their lives.

Visit the Angel Tree 2014 HERE and for a donation of $35 or more to any child you will receive an ornament with their photo on it and the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference in their future. Every dollar counts, but get ornaments while they’re still available!

Donations year around are appreciated for all of these children, waiting and for the families who go to adopt but it’s between November 1st and December 31st that we gather the names of a few of the children with Down Syndrome and other special needs, line them up with sponsors and aim for $1,000 each. Five children have been committed to this year’s Angel Tree. Andrea, Dillon, Emma Grace, Darah, and Alan are all going home, found through Angel Tree.


Bree’s $890 short of her goal!!

Through the Bump that I found Bree among the around 200 faces all have made over $100 at least. That’s $100 that they did not have before Nov 1st. Congratulations to the sponsors who have worked so hard, to those especially who have gotten their children over the goal some WAY over. This year Tyler’s fund has grown by $6561.00, which puts the 12 year old boy from Bulgar!a at $11,571.80 in funds waiting for his future adoption. Have you been rallying for a child who has met their goal? Please come back for Bree with me, or for another one of the many children under $1,000 this holiday season. Bree has until the day she turns 14 to be adopted. I wonder if her birth mama knows that. That’s far more serious than not meeting Angel Tree goal. I want to keep rallying for Bree, I’m glad I got her ornament, I am sitting here now thanking God that I just happened to believe that donating to her would help Kolya, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen that face. I’d love to see her in person too, and wonder if I will some day. In the photo that Reece’s Rainbow has she looks so directly into the camera as if to say, “What if you were my forever?” How much her mom has missed out on. Will she come back right before her daughter ages out? Click HERE to donate. Earlier I said that I had not seen fundraising efforts being made for Bree, that doesn’t mean that there were none. Sponors all utilize different mediums. Sometimes the goal in full turns up right at then of the season’s closing as the sponsor has done all local events. No matter how you raise money, donations are tax deductible if that’s important to you. Bree ages out at age 14 of opportunity for adoption. At age 14, I was all but ready to age out of needing parents! The time to scream and cry for a family to see Bree is NOW. Her birthday is December 2001, which means that this year is her final chance.

Foggy Thoughts on My Monkey Face

1011702_370993829689677_151010753_nSo what’d you do today after the alarm woke you up? Made coffee, made plans, picked up yesterday’s TO DO list? I drank the coffee, read the list, was super psyched to have a terrific day, then my foot started to swell so I thought I’d sit and elevate it. Then I fell asleep. Then I woke up and it was 5pm. What??

I burnt my hand and foot nearly two weeks ago now, I’m nearly all fixed up, and now actually getting off the pain meds. I get how people accidentally become addicted to those. Once my body got used to them, skipping gave me quite the quakes! Having only taken pain meds a matter of ten days or so I hope to bounce back to normal without any trouble. So drank coffee, napped and I guess it’s time to feed my family and bathe them all. If you’re reaching my blog through Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree page, off of Kolya’s FSP, THANK YOU. We are on our way to $200 now. I’d actually like to ask you to donate to the children at the bottom of the tree. For a donation of $35 or more, in addition to a holiday ornament with their picture and the name of the country that they are from you will receive a gorgeous wall calendar from Reece’s Rainbow for 2015. This is a terrific way to share the Reece’s Rainbow love all year around with your family and friends and coworkers.

While I’ve been bed and chair ridden recovering from burns that were completely my fault I have not have had the presence of mind to write and just have been with half comprehension reading. My interest is always how I can further help families and waiting orphans. Direct sales. No one attends my parties, but if I were a representative myself I could give another edge. So I have been writing in search words like, “Direct sales” in and finding Initials, Inc., LinenWorld and Gardenuity, the list goes on and on, just like the hours of my recovery from accidental burns gained while trying to make an awesome meal. Am I the guy who always trips up good efforts gone bad? These business are all cool for something unique they bring, and it has to be that way to be a success in the multilevel marketing world, which is what these things are. Just a portion of the proceeds go to the guy or gal sticking her neck out for the business, usually starting at 20%. I like LinenWorld because they already are geared toward fundraising which is what I’m into.

Earlier this year my kids and I did door to door sales for CelebratingHome. Everyone who bought from us has said how much they loved the product. That company is offering a November sign up special of $39 for full paper supplies required to be an official consultant for their company. Aside from it having a good quality product, I’d have the opportunity to sign up under a wonderful mom who already sells with them, so by registering I would be helping her out to.

My husband has always been my wonderful voice of reason. I had these websites lined out to show him this morning. His first words were, “Well first off, it has to be better crap than what people can just pick up at Walmart.” He added that second I have to make sure I’m not being taken advantage of. Isn’t that life’s big balance. Help out, provide quality, and don’t be the sap who gets cut the shortest stick.

Anyway. I love this graphic of the fuzzy primate. It fits my name, and the text is excellent too. So there. Again, if you’re here through Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree, thank you for visiting there. It’s absolutely the best thing happening this holiday season. Saving money for waiting children is something wonderful that I’m so glad is in your life now.




Can I do a Party for You?

steeped teaActually, yes! You could.


I have a Tastefully Simple, Steeped Tea, Pampered Chef, Origami Owl (jewelry), Ava Anderson (non-toxic products), and Damsel in Defense, Scentsy, all running until Dec 12. I’m also selling outgrown but in good condition clothing, and have just gotten in a small mountain of knit caps and baby booties to sell. It’s a little overwhelming!

The question is if I can get people to actually attend and buy.

With a co-warrior now I am so temped to just bow out. Would my house be cleaner? Would I be more energetic and less moody? My co-warrior’s brother is doing a country western concert proceeds to Kolya. Her son’s class is hosting a bake sale and each of his 3rd grade friends are doing a personal coin drive and selling candy door to door.

Yesterday I just found out that there is a Craft and Vendor fair with two open tables on Friday. I would need my sister to go with me. She’s been a barista so she can handle money, I would also need a baby sitter! Why can I not know about these things months in advance? Its been in the works since September, but I just learned of it through a friend’s Facebook “share”. Arg! How can I come up with a sales buddy, a baby sitter and an organized table set up in two days? With determination, stick-to-itiveness and a willingness to fall flat on my face in complete humiliation for lack of preparation.

Last year I switched off two Angel Tree children. Mickey was mine, so was Dylan. I ended up with little Mikey, who is now home with an adoptive family. This year Dylan’s warrior does not have a blog, last year he had one that had met him. Mickey is rocking a warrior that has adopted from his country and has a well organized up to date writings on her plans and progress on her personal site: Faith, Hope, Love & Family

Not having a blog does not mean not making money! One of the FSPs last year hung out at the bottom with $0.00 nearly all season then shot up to the full goal.

Happy Angel Tree time, warriors and those who surf the auctions and sales and receive Christmas ornaments for spending over $35 on any one child on Angel Tree 2014.

Team Kolya

It begins ANGEL TREE 2014 is up!

Here’s the tree: All the kids pretty much at zero on the first day. Clicking each face brings you to their personal profile. The number that you will see there is there point of credit toward $1,000. They have until December 31 to meet that goal. The Angel Tree logo on that profile, if it’s clickable, leads you to their Warrior’s blog. Which for Kolya is this site, which is why I’m pausing my morning to write this blog post.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Laura. I’m 29 and from Washington state, I’m a Christian mom to four kids and have been married nine years to my love. We met over the Internet 10 years ago and have been coast to coast in our jobs and travels, eventually for now settling in the beautiful pacific northwest 2 miles from my childhood home.

So, this year is our second year “Warrioring” for a child on Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree. Last years child was a baby from Ukraine who has since been adopted by a wonderful family with another child from the same orphanage.

We are joined by a class of 3rd graders from Ohio last minute! They contacted me and asked if they could help raise the funds for 10-year-old Kolya. I am so thankful for this, not even about the money, but about the fact that a whole group of eight year olds would spend their last couple months of the year giving attention to a child that they have never met across the ocean. So far they’re going to do a coin drive–send home letters to their families and create little jars to keep at home for pennies, dimes and quarters around the house. I encourage anyone to do this! Submit it at $35 for an ornament.

What to expect: We’re launching a children’s clothing auction. I have to estimate shipping and take photos of what I have before I list. I also have hats and scarves and baby knit sets to list for buy-it-now sale.

143_28_10_2008_KolyoWe have an Origami Owl fundraiser, Tastefully Simple, and a Damsel Defense sale also currently running. These give a 35 to 40% to Kolya, which means a $100 purchase would get you an ornament. I will also be start a Steeped Tea to run the duration of AT, if the consultant approves that idea. The usual running time of a party is two weeks. By the end of the day I will add clickable links to all of these. If you are local, please ask me for a physical catalog and order form.

Welcome to Team Kolya. Join us in the next few weeks to get Kolya to $1,000.

The Facebook page is Kolya’s Angel Tree Party Stop please come by and LIKE the page, I have direct links to my parties there and will promptly cross post images of any all items for sale to Kolya’s credit. There are over 200 kids on Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree. Wonder why I picked Kolya? Please read my blog post Kindness Keeps. Each warrior has a special story and most of them have blogged those reasons for their choice. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year for orphan adoption advocacy.

Origami Owl for Kolya

I just learned about Living Lockets, maybe this is your first time hearing that name too. My story begins with asking for home business owners to offer their party proceeds in part to my mission to raise money for Kolya, a waiting orphan in Bulgaria.

When I was offered an Origami Owl party I had no idea what it was but would never turn down an opportunity to bring awareness for the waiting child in Eastern Europe who I have committed to raise funds for over the next six weeks. The wonderful consultant who I am working with offered to send me a charm collection and a locket along with the catalogs and brochures that I requested. She directed me to a web link to choose the charms. I picked a Silver RN symbol, “Love to Read”, “Hope”, a Silver Starfish, and the crystal silver L initial. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.
Isn’t the classic locket a circular pendant that opens on a small hinge, sometimes with small engravement on the exterior and some sort of holding fixture on the inside for securing a photo or other special flat memento? Not in the Origami Owl world! This is an all new idea to me, with not one consultant in my state. Not only a great fundraiser as no one else is doing it in my local area, but a wonderful opportunity if I or another friend around here would choose to become a designer…what an amazing business venture! My designer told me that a local host got 30 women to her party and with their purchases, as a hostess got $600 in free stuff. Those lockets? Click “Categories” then navigate to ” Living Lockets” at first glance, just looks like hoop earings. They sells earings too, but this isn’t the place. I hope you have time to scroll through, because this is an amazing selection!

Recently added are leather bracelets with the clear faces where you can order charms that tell your personal story inside. This is beyond the chain with glittery emblems attached on the exterior ready to snag on any material that you come in contact with!

Why Angel Tree?

Reece’s Rainbow was all new to me in 2012. I was hook and line stuck from moment one when I came on to Newly Listed and saw the gorgeous face of Yana a child in Russia. That was in May. I emailed the New Family Liaison who quickly connected me with further photos of the young child and a blurb of information beyond the paragraph on the Reece’s Rainbow website. Daily I checked Yana’s FSP to look for changes. This little girl captivated me. I found her in my dreams and would cry for her as I fed my three month old. Somehow her existence far across the ocean in a world very apart from mine, she was part of me. How could I help? I’d never asked for money or deposited money anywhere that wouldn’t render me an item in the mail in three to five days, such as an order or what not.

Alaric1What a strange idea: Giving money to a child who has no adoptive parent. Money that goes nowhere. It just sits and waits, for a family not of my choosing. Someone will commit to a child that I feel close to and use my money to bring her to their house.

One day. I realized I wanted her on My Family Found Me. I looked there as well as checking and giving to her FSP. Days turned into weeks, those blurred into months. September. The Reece’s Rainbow website was ablaze with talk of this thing called Angel Tree Season. The website was covered with advertisements so bright that the viewers attention wasn’t on Child of the Month.

September came. By the middle of the month Yana had a Angel Tree Warrior badge on her profile. I really didn’t know how it got there because I had not investigated the process having little to no confidence in my ability to do more than pray my heart out for this one child.

November. The face of the website changed. In rows the children’s faces from all the countries that Reece’s Rainbow works with were lined side by side, each with a big blue $0.00 underneath. The emotion looking at them all was a big wave washing over me as it would with anyone that I could possibly imagine. All of these months I had seen no one but Yana. Hers was the name that I searched. A total of two or three minutes on the website, a prayer of thankfulness and one of petition that Jesus would see fit for her family to come then on with my day.

December 31st. Within the very last 24 hours of Angel Tree 2012 that gorgeous girl had a family. Her sweet mama to be contacted me right away having read though a prominent blogger my very first orphan advocacy entry. The season was extended through the first week of the New Year in honor of Russia’s late celebration of the new year. In that very time frame, Putin closed Russia sealing children like Yana and so many others in country. Her commitment to the family in the USA was now broken.

Advocating will never end. As long as there will be orphans who need families, there will be cause to celebrate their chance of leaving poverty. I choose to do that largely in part by donating to waiting children’s funds for their future adoption.

Angel Tree is the season that we really put on our party hats, thinking caps, and pool together all the confidence, patience, determination and those strong bonds of fellow orphan advocates while we pull off the biggest fundraiser of the year!! Don’t be shy. Register to be an Angel Tree Warrior to honor my Yana or of any other that we were left not know the end of that season how they would ever know a family. God knew and for that I can celebrate.

Party hats! When you start off. Know God’s got this. He’s going to help you make the money towards your financial goal. Starting is better than never trying! Have a great attitude, a beautiful smile and just make that orphan loving contagious.

Thinking caps! Collaborate. I love the Official Facebook Group. When you sign up to be an Angel Tree Warrior you will also be invited to join a group exclusively for people who have taken on the Raise $1,000 between Nov 1st and December 31st, 2014 goal. Get on the group and ask who sells. I just did. I got 36! Know what? They’d all contribute their profits. That’s awesome. So you’ve asked. Get their information. They’ll guide you through the process of collecting interest and pulling off sales.

Confidence, patience, determination. You could contribute $1,000 out of your pocket. Really, you could. Or.. you could talk, vend and vent to the world about the crisis overseas and get some education out there about what can be done while growing these kids chance of going home.

Strong bonds. Over 100 children still need personal advocates. These people, and the wonderful people who have already signed up are your very best friends for the next few weeks–you will have an encouraging word, suggestions and experience to share, new bright ideas. The one who are not connected to their kids yet: Find Them!!

Talk about Angel Tree 2014 and why everyone should be apart of it. Power yourself up with all the reasons that orphans abroad should come home and why this is a great way to get them closer.

We no longer have the waiting children from Russia, but we do have other countries. Children in orphanages who need redemption. Children who will be as much a missing piece in someone’s family as they need that future family to support them and pick up the slack on medical and nutritional care that the orphanages and institutions have not been able to meet.