Wait Your Turn: Kimberley’s Story

NE-208-foto-203x300She’s been listed for at least two years and is a face that I’ve passed by and now there’s an end to that.

Kimberley is now the star of my attention as a Waiting Child in the category of children with DS. I don’t know why God sets my eye on girls. Perhaps because I believed that the child I miscarried seven years ago was a girl? I advocate for boys as well, but do find myself with the girls when I imagine myself talking to my husband about specific children.

In my upfront reality, “Lets adopt” is a laughable and dried up conversation. If I were to bring it up again he’d say, “Honey why are you still thinking about that?” Or, “I thought you were going to go off of Reece’s Rainbow, it’s not healthy to spend time looking at those kids.”

There’s been tremendous blessing in my life’s prayer and care for orphans.

I was blessed to know that the girl that I cared deeply for in a country that has been closed to adoption by US families has been adopted in country, not only has God given me that information but I have had the undeserved privilege to meet and hold a dear child that I’d hoped and believed was meant to be my own daughter.

Instead of leaving feeling empowered I left meeting that child feeling crushed that this is not something that I could do. The paperwork is beyond me, the organization required is astonishing.

Yet a life lived knowing of the orphan plight and that the world can be saved for one child through the gift of adoption–to not act on that seems like a waste of life.

My head was whirling with gratitude for both these darling girls, a fresh holding a child who had spent seven years in an orphanage, and the pounding sense inadequacy. All of this non-sense and reality easily topped for me then and now as I write, with an abundance of gratitude for those that God does set up to take on adoption and concur the boundaries in His name.

“Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:5)

Kimberley is from a country that I have never considered, one in Latin America is all that I can disclose, where all the files come to our agency in Spanish. Often 40 pages or more. It may be that just a portion of this is translated and sent to those who request it as potential adoptive families.

When I found out that Kimberley’s birthday is February 14, 2007 I knew I had to at least write about her and put her story on the top of the stack of children who I will present to my husband if ever he tells me that he’s ready for International adoption to be a part of our story. Her file was last updated three years old at which point she was said to not be speaking beyond jesters and gurgles, unable to walk independently. She does not dress herself, feed herself or go to the toilet as the average child her age would be expected to. These behaviors label her as psychomotor delayed in all areas, she also carries the label of   congenital heart disease and hypothyroidism in addition to Down Syndrome with a full conclusion of “Mental Retardation” after noting that she does participate in social activities and enjoys eating as well as practicing healthy sleep habits. She is negative for Hepatitis B, HIV and nonreactive to VDRI.

Intimidated? God promises that taking on a venture like this is not to be passed by. My favorite verse is to be held on to when considering the children who continue to wait.

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, “Give them up!” and to the south, “Do not hold them back.” Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth”  Isaiah 43:5-6

10378092_10154429560290425_7995603308368124240_nDo you see a waiting child that you believe God has called you to but have the little faith that I do? Stand back and watch Jesus work in other people’s life’s and grow.


So many who cross into that journey com out thankful and stronger for it, even if their child passes away they find gratefulness and strength. My mind has been blown away by the incredible women that I’ve met online, and three that I’ve met so far in person.

Do it in love for your family that is already here too, not driven exclusively by your desire–that’s my lesson, I’m not an independent agent, I have already been given and have to do what honors and works with other’s dreams.

If your husband or wife is not ready, pray for that and do all that you can to help them reach the security that God’s given them the need to encompass themselves with. This has to be done if you’re going to take on the world together in this incredible way.

If you are ready, get moving. There isn’t a moment to lose.

Contact Debbie@reecesrainbow.org for direction on which adoption program will best work for your family and she will set you up with whoever you need to know to get through this and make one more child an Orphan No More.

Kimberley is at the top of my list for children to talk to my husband about. Who are you going to talk about when it’s your turn? Or if you have been able to taken that incredible step, how did God lead you there?

Why February 2007? That’s when the daughter that I lost would have been born, that’s the birthday of the little girl from Bulgaria that I just met last month and meaningful to me also because my daughter who just turned two came on February 18th. I turned 29 in February of this year along with my twin and our dad had his 61’s birthday on the 5. While I’m listing excellent people born in February, I have another sister born on the 3rd of February, this year turning 26. It’s a good month! Always room for one more in the family!

NE-208-foto-203x300Kimberley needs a family, why couldn’t it be mine? There are so many kids in need, and thankfully parents with the gift to move through adoption so I do know better than to let myself fix on one child as one that I must home because that can end in selfish heart break. Trust God, be united with who you already have at home and move forward in what you’ve been called to do. Grow to be a stronger person, don’t settle for less than using your full potential to honor and please the Lord–save a life, make an orphan no more  if you can.

Kimberley’s my new passion, a girl who’s been waiting too long.

I’m going to learn more about orphanages in her country and talk to people working through the process to bring a child home from there. I will also feature more children from this Latin American country in upcoming entries which I hope to see plenty of.

This post is called Kimberley’s story, because I believe that every child is designed before the beginning of time for the family that they will be with. While this young lady has captured my attention, she may be your daughter. This post may be written for you to see her need and to move forward for her. Only God knows Kimberley‘s journey; She didn’t ask to be an orphan, nor does she know any other life, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something more for her.