Much More for Mikey (and Olen)

31021225321-Mikey-214x300The little boy who I committed to raise $1K in October through Dec 31, 2013 has finally been found by an adoptive family. My facebook group to catalog the fundraising events that I had for Mikey was called, “More for Mikey” which is why I have titled tonight’s post as I have. The family’s Facebook page is called Powell family Adoption Auction which I have just visited to give a like.

He’ll be going with another little boy who was listed the same day and also included in Angel Tree. I have no idea how Mikey made his way to $1,000. I actually begged my husband that we make up the missing $600 that was not there the week before the conclusion of the challenge. The amount lacking and some exceeding the goal came from one anonymous donor–corrections welcome! Whatever the details, all around Mikey’s making it was much a miracle as those things go.

The family that is adopting Mikey and Olen is listed in the Almost There point of closeness to having their children in their home. The journey is so many pieces of paper and people met, signatures acquired and such things. There’s more to the story here than picking a sweet face and deciding that he’s the one to bring home. For the Powell family Mikey and Olen were not who God brought their eyes to first. They had not thought that the plan was two boys, rather this time they imagined it was one girl. Her file is suddenly not available. There is not a blog post written on their emotions following learning of Maci’s sudden unavailability, but I can suppose that there was upheaval and questions on whether they were meant to proceed with another child. Perhaps they prayed and found guidance in that way. At any rate, it’s the guys now and how excited I am for that as I do sorrow too in their loss.

31021075254-Olen-2-300x296Mikey’s birthday is July 2013, and Olen is May 2013 (their mama will spend the rest of her life being asked if her boys are twins!) Back to numbers, $1919.35 from Olen’s fund, and Mikey’s has 1250.07.


Since the Powell’s are significantly into the process they have already covered fees that they expected to be bringing them closer to a daughter.

Please do visit the family blog as I ought to in order to get to know their story a little more closely.

If you have considered participating in the Family Warrior program, this would be a terrific choice. It wouldn’t be a very long commitment and would doubtlessly be a wonderful learning experience. Searching their last name on Reece’s Rainbow right now I see that this in not the first adoption experience for the Powell’s from VA. They have been to this country before and were home safely with “Misty” in 2012. How fun to be back for more! Those stories are just great.

I’m going to go ahead and stick my favorite adoption related Bible verse in tonight on this post as the Powell’s have been abroad, safely returned, committed again, were declined after anticipating a new member to their family and are even yet staying with the plan and preserving not for one but for two. There is no knowledge of the condition of these boys hearts or any other issues that may be common to children who have Down Syndrome. This here is a classic case of stepping out in faith and looking to the Lord for guidance.

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, “Give them up!” and to the south, “Do not hold them back.” Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth”  Isaiah 43:5-6

 This is Maci, a sweet baby girl who to the Powell’s is their daughter and may some day come home. She’s 7 months old. Each child is a precious gift, wherever they are in the world and she’s no exception. Much loved!31111225341-Maci-300x258