All Mamas Wrap


Hey friends. b836c44eaafdb1fb4a14b40786708d1431021225321-Mikey-214x300Last year this time I had tears pouring down my face and prayers bursting from my heart for the children on Angel Tree to make their goals. Not all of them did, and it was hard to take. The truth was, they had more in their funds than they did when the drive to elevate all those waiting children overseas adoption funds by $1000 each by December 31 beginning at November 1st began. A good number of those children are home with their families now, some of those families had never heard of Reece’s Rainbow before.  One of the reasons that Angel Tree gets so hard is that it’s an idea that so many people have not heard of. This is not an adoption agency. It’s an advocacy network and support website that works together to raise money for individual children. As the season was winding down last year I got questions from people who had been viewing my posts all those weeks without speaking up. All of the sudden I was flooded with questions that I had no idea were out there, such as people wondering why I’d give money to Ukraine. Money to Ukraine? This is money for a child waiting to be adopted. Just because the child lives in Ukraine does not mean the Ukraine government ever touches it, or even knows that your donation is there. Sadly, these questions came after December 31st had come and gone. 

143_28_10_2008_KolyoWhat questions do you have that I can help with? I reached my goal for the older boy from Eastern Europe who I’ve been advocating for. Due to some pretty dang awesome people working together, and being armed with more awareness on what questions are on peoples hearts. I have to know where the skepticism is in order to hit it. One step is showing people that there is something in their life that is in common with what you want them to look at, then the reality strikes. Or it goes the other way, and that individual is gone to the cause. Surprisingly, next year they may be back with curiosity about the annual cause and remembering the year before can give willingness to participate. I believe in God and know that he works in amazing ways. I’ll forever advocate for orphans waiting for adoptive families. Today is DECEMBER 31st 2014. New Years is a mere hours away. I want to make the new year more than last year. I’ve just signed up for something completely different, but really it’s a revolutionary idea that’s been right under my nose. Over this weekend an announcement came out that the signature product of It Works  will be at a 2 for 1 deal. THATS A $140 SAVINGS. The Ultimate Body Applicator changes your body by shrinking saggy skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes and can be applied from the neck down. Just a matter of days ago I signed with It Works Global as a distributor after learning about their entirely different line of products.

I shrugged at the idea of everything being too good to be true and dove right in. It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. Yesterday I believed that being 25lbs heavier than my goal weight, having a saggy belly was part of having four children and that this was just what I have to love. It Works says that I can apply a strip to my belly for 45 minutes 4 times, and have a flatter belly with renewed tightness. I got my box of wraps (Ultimate Body Applicator) and was so nervous to try them, certain that I would be the one person that it would not work for. I measured myself before, put it on and set the timer for 45 minutes. I took the wrap off after that period of time had come to a close. I lost 1/2 an inch. I was so disappointed. However I kept nicely hydrated, and as the instructions suggest, 72 hours later I’d lost 2 more inches through my middle. 4 wraps is a complete treatment, just imagine the difference 8 wraps would make. This offer is only good until midnight.10888732_687948301304073_2467043008395984691_n In order to get this amazing deal, you have to sign to be a Loyal Customer. That means 3 month commitment to buy one product from my store. I’m looking for 3 more Loyal Customers, ideally I’d love if all of my friends could realize this ridiculously awesome product. Men wrap too, it’s not mamas. When I first saw these I really realized how many wraps I’ve owned. Gaining the first trimester weight  gain, I wore a band around where the top of my pants ended and my belly swelled, further into the second and third trimester I bought a back and belly support band. All the mothering magazines in the waiting room at the OB/GYN’s office tell you that you need these. 17855_412063000424_949646_nAfter the baby was born I got the first wrap out again, to hide my postpartum belly that I was so embarrassed of. As soon as I had permission I got to the crunches and sit ups to flatten out my belly. Staying active helped the lbs come off, but I did find myself left with extra skin after each pregnancy, more noticeable to me after each child.  IT WORKS takes that away, it’s astonishing. I promise, your friends will notice the difference, maybe even before you see it yourself. You’re told you’re glowing when you’re pregnant. What’s next? The baby’s adorable! My baby’s almost three, and now that I’ve discovered It Works I have those pre-all pregnancies clothes within my scope of possibility. I guess at that point I’ll realize trends have changed over the past 9 years, right? The word wraps keeps coming on as babies grow. People start asking if you’re, “baby wearing” and what wrap you’re using. I used the Moby Wrap. It involved all kinds of proper placement, knotting and adjusting. It held my baby securely and kept me pinned in too. I had back support and ab coverage. Win! When I heard about It Works, I obviously had to try it myself. I also wanted to know if it was safe for pregnant mamas. It is! All those wraps that are marketed to mom’s and I have never heard of this one. Thousands of people across the US, Canada and beyond are taking advantage of the It Works product line. People of all lifestyles. It really does work. Here’s what I recommend! Go to my website: Select the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Ultimate Body Applicator, at check out choose to be a Loyal Customer. This order will count as your first of three months. You can select any item per month. We have items ranging in cost! Registration is free. Our fat fighter is only $23 for Loyal Customers, for example. This is not a bad deal! You’ll love the Ultimate Body Applicator, I absolutely believe you’ll see a difference. Don’t forget to measure yourself and take a picture before wrapping, because you really wont believe your eyes. Here’s the product line, so you can see for yourself just what a price cut Loyal Customers receive.  How will this change your future? Well, the wraps that you’re getting a 2 for 1 on tonight wont make you lose weight, they will tighten and firm your abs though without your doing anything beyond applying the Ultimate Body Applicator as directed, drinking water and reapplying every three days until you’ve finished the four wrap set. You could set your next month to receive the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter, or something from our amazing Greens line. I’m going to try the Hair Skin and Nails formula! It’s up to you, decide how It Works is going to work in your life! 51682eb8fce5a1c7c7f756a97b2df817You are only required one item to get your Loyal Customer discount, you pay what I pay! Friends can order through your log in too and receive the discount that you get as a Loyal Customer. When you renew your Loyal Customer status after three months you get more points on the perk point program. No enrollment fee, no minimum purchase, free shipping after 3rd auto ship. 10% back in perk points, you get points when friends order too. I mentioned that, right?

1782064_10205195053867000_4960198860754628683_n10868228_10203635935285455_98531510421739121_nIf you’ve been to my blog before, it’s been for my adoption advocacy. Because of that, I have to turn around my success in It Works to work not just for my physical health and for yours, but also to fundraise for waiting orphans and adopting families. When I sign four Loyal Customers in my first weeks as a distributor I get $120 in It Works products free to me. I can combine a couple to be a giveaway entry, profits to an adoption fund, the winner of the drawing could decide which family or child would benefit.


Do all mamas wrap? No. Not with It Works Global. But with some kind of cloth or other material. Our culture is always telling us that we have something to hide. Why hide it?

I want to look like this, and eat the cake too. I can do that with the Ultimate Fat burner while I get going on getting myself in shape! 76220_10152216688295425_1893787250_nDespite having looked like this four times over. It Works has a wonderful line of Greens to keep energy boosted and those veggies intake where they should be even when your fridge isn’t full of fresh cut colors fresh from the ground. On the go? Grab some chews.407495_10151221779690425_1557155699_n

Today I’ve gained two Loyal Customers, could you and one friend be the two that bump me to my four that get me over $100 in products compliments of It Works Global? If you’re skeptical, I understand. I was too. Ask on your mom’s group, and you’ll have mamas saying that it’s a gimmick because they tried it once and didn’t get flat abs. Most of those people didn’t even finish the set of four Ultimate Body Applicators that come in one box. Don’t ask them to mail you the left overs, because these do expire.

If you want to try the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, please buy it from a distributor, that way you’re guaranteed it’s freshness and optimum performance. Follow the instructions and be amazed by the results! Make 2015 just an incredible year!! Maybe you’ll even want to join my team. Love your body, take time for yourself and remember that you’re worth it. Lets rock 2015.

Thankful Monkeytree



This is a year that I have to balance what I’m thankful for having heavily against the tempting ideas of what I don’t have. What am I thankful for? My husband, my children, God’s provision of a house, our health and that we have a life with Christ in eternity to look forward to. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help others, and have to balance that into a spirit of contentment and diligence.

Little Losses.


This doll is 32 months old now. She has two older brothers, one older sister and one who is missing. One who would be seven years old now. My eyes fill with tears and my throat lumps up and I type that in. So many years ago. 431420_10151448530505425_1667089029_n

My second pregnancy passed on a windy August late afternoon. In my heart I knew my baby was hurting and gone deep inside the part of me that unexplainably understands my children. I knew because I didn’t feel butterflies. I didn’t want to barf up my breakfast, and I didn’t need a nap. About 11:30 my neck felt cold and I developed a headache and pain in my lower back. I went to sit and felt the sensation of needing to use the bathroom and began to bleed. All I could do was cry. Once I stopped I was on the phone with my doctors office with my husband at my side. We were told that a quick ultrasound would confirm the viability of the baby’s life.

This was the only fetus that I’d given a name. You know. I was sure that it was going to be a girl and that I’d name her Bethany Elisabeth (debating if it should be a “z” or an “s”) while I was deciding and watching the, “Your Baby This Week” updates I called her, “Little One.” That’s become fuzzy now as I’ve thought of the precious sweetie so many times. Imagining how she would be like now, if she’d grown up a part of our family. One in four women experience at least 1 pregnancy loss.

Why is it that your baby’s life isn’t valued until you look like this? Don’t fight me on that one. What I’m trying to say is that it seems to be just Mom who imagines the child’s future and treasures who they are when they’re the size of a peanut.10391512_329716550424_582872_n Little One fit in the palm of my hand. I took a picture of her, absolutely astounded by the wonder of God’s amazing creation. My child had itty by arch of a back and what looked to be weeks from arms and crunched up legs. My camera couldn’t focus to the detail of her body or get beyond the red that I could not wash off.

I’ve never been into mourning life. I celebrate and thank and remember forever.

Crying is healthy, forgetting is injustice. If you are that one in four, you are told, “At least you have your other children.” Or, “You two can try again when you feel ready.”

No one will ever replace the child that I lost. I have never bought a onesie that says “Little One” on it or will consider naming a child Bethany Elizabeth because I loved that one and would never appear even to myself to replace her because it cannot be done.

Don’t forget to love the children that God has given you, and yes, to try for more.

Try means adoption if that’s the plan that is meant for you.

Never say no to children being a part of your life, and never think that one can be replaced by another.

They’re each fearfully and wonderfully made.
Treasure life and know that it is in God’s hands, no matter if that life never made full term entrance into the world, regardless of whether or not that child ever breathed the air that you and I do now he or she was formed and is of value in God’s eyes.

Someone decided that today, Oct 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss day. This is my story. Share yours if you’re one in four and have the desire to do so. I tell this story of Little One who would eventually, in my mind’s eye, be a little girl named Bethany Elizabeth because I consider her story one of my birth stories. Just because she didn’t make full term doesn’t mean she isn’t real.

Recalling the story of my pregnancy lost in 2007 cannot be done without speaking of my husband’s taking me out for ice cream after the obstetrician told us that my pregnancy was not normal. I said that was OK, and he said, “No, I mean it’s not viable.” Instant tears. Darren knows I love icecream and drove me the 20 minutes to the local ice cream hang out. I had either pistachio or chocolate mint. And salted it with tears. I went home and cried all night. It was done.

It’s 2014 now and I have four children running about, active and full of life. It’s a struggle to get them to bed on time and to get them to settle and sit still at those times that society mandates quietness. If every moment that I hush them I were thinking of how much I wish I had that fifth to hush I couldn’t live. So it’s not that way. Because I am needed to be present and realistic. That reality is that it’s 8pm and that I have two kids to settle into bed yet.

You have my encouragement to live now and remember yesterday looking forward to seeing your child again in eternity. If that isn’t something to be excited about, I don’t know what is!

Real Men Wear Pink

Jeremy There are so many very serious reason why children should be adopted out of orphanages. And there is always a good reason and good time to talk about them and encourage others to become involved in what it takes to get these kids out of their cribs into homes. Today I want to talk about clothes, and Angel Trees! Before we get carried away rescuing kids! Remember thanksgiving! Without these kids caregivers, however sometimes very imperfect they are, without them these sons would not be alive. God has used limited hands and limited resources to keep beautiful faces living and waiting for families, who with your help and with my help will see home.


Alaric1ONE THING. Buy that boy some blue. Give him a high protein, whatever he needs snack and steady healthy nutrients in his life. In some countries children are drugged to get them to sleep, this becomes a tremendous stress at home. The list goes on. I want to see picture of blue jammies with stars and rocks on them. This little boy is Jeremy. His little blurb on Reece’s Rainbow says, “Boy, born 2012.  Microcephaly, spastic tetraparesis” You don’t know what you’re bringing home!

Many of the children featured on Reece’s Rainbow have Down Syndrome. You love one and bring him home.

A boy. With needs. A lot of needs, and you’ll figure it out.

Give him a reason to have light in his eyes.

Maybe it will be building from the very basics up. But how about those pink pajamas? Buy blue. Some toy trucks, even if he doesn’t have the small motor control to properly grasp and move it along, he can have it nearby and reach for it if vision is a part of his life. Maybe pair of Velcro sneakers with Avengers that have lights in the heals when he moves his feet. Get him a bed that does not have rails up to his armpits.

Free Jeremy or any other boy before he begins to think that pen and pink pajamas are home. Kent-273x300Do real men wear pink? I saw that in a magazine once. I think it was a dude in a pastel pink dress shirt tucked into tan trousers…was in a JC Penny curricular maybe. He was standing tall with a sports jacket slung over his shoulder with one arm and the other hand in his pocket. A man dressed to look like he had options and chose to honor breast cancer awareness month. Jeremy doesn’t have clothing options, but he is clothed.

There’s a shelf of clothes, whatever fits the child is put on the children. Orphanage institution sizes vary by region and country, and in this post are children from all over Asia and Eastern Europe. I’m happy to have side by side waiting children with those set free as it were, to be who they would like to be. When you adopt a child you give him the strength to have an option. Once he’s yours it’s your time to build him up. Some children will never reach their independence, that’s true, but others will and either way, find that uniqueness. They should be given every chance in the world to live beyond the confines of a crib, to be strong men whatever that takes. Share what’s little known of Jeremy. Donate, and just advocate for him and the other little men who are stuck in pink pajamas. Alaric needs an Angel Tree Warrior, so does Kent, so does Keagan again this year seen later on in this entry.

JoannaDon’t get me started on little babe blue, the doll called Joanna. Oh wait. She’s just gorgeous–I’m including her to show you that the orphanages do have blue, blue for girls I guess! Kent and this jewel are both on Newly Listed children. New to you, new to me, but seen and loved even before they were born by God. He saw them from the moment they were in their birth mama’s womb…actually, you know, he knew them before then. God knows these babies beginning and the end of each. Is it with you?

I asked on the Official Reece’s Rainbow Facebook group who has met their son in orphanage overseas and found him to be sporting pink clothing. Many mothers found their daughters dressed in blue like joyful Joanna above (who does not yet have an adoptive mother) but today I’m thinking of the boys in pink! Maybe the blues another day!

So I got a bundle of sweet stories, some wrapped up with pictures from mothers of their precious sons during visits. I just wish that I could capture all of the short stories right now, but it would just get to be too much. What I do have is permission to share  pictures!

Henry 10628107_10205005087236440_8803110371908968127_n1975206_860292143990356_7262209483847918895_n10696234_860291990657038_555526204210536272_n10659367_10204933750442565_8920531409374649331_n1014056_10152446789797901_6708203000231471818_n10676310_10152764150394017_8754751770516728454_n10154006_10152279869451793_5148000801904893965_n10619948_10152379107067727_3169753148457168930_o1016359_10204537476855494_3222660415173090988_n10689795_10204537481215603_2774739065825375660_n10509614_10152307807282511_934729764817670128_n10714079_10202727608620330_5355981482624769818_o

These boys made it home and into boys clothes!

Their images are clickable, you can learn their families names and with some read their continuing stories. 1492290_655700054546645_415324026424384457_o Adam here at the end has passed from not only his orphanage and into the arms of his mama, but on to eternity to be with Jesus. Henry is in the arms of the Lord also. You can see his image at the beginning of these gorgeous faces, his mama has framed in a heart with the word, “Forever” in white around him. 40929144247-251x300They have gone on to adopt again, praise God for the blessing of knowing their sons and continue to love their families here while looking forward to heaven where they will see these dear boys once again. We love our boys in pink–cherish their hugs and their ups and downs. And we go shopping to buy them blue. Today I just felt the draw to show these boys and just give a bit of a light to their face in the orphanage as is seen by their families and in the pictures given from the institutions to the agencies with the note, “This is a boy!” Pink stripes and a purple pacifier? His sheets look clean, his sleeper looks fluffy and his hair is short. Way to go, Ukra!ne with this sweetie. Clean, but sportin that pink. Aidan, you’d look good in blue too, buddy! Some day you’ll have a family that will give you more boy stuff than you could ever want. There are so many waiting children. Pray. Advocate. Donate. “You are the helpers of the fatherless.” (Psalm 10:14) Here’s my place to encourage you who care for orphans to join official advocating! We have the Family Warrior program, Prayer Warrior program, and Guardian Angel Project. I couldn’t recommend something I wasn’t a part of: I am Family Warrior for the Johnson family. Prayer Warrior for Boyd and Guardian Angel for Yana. TeaganMy life is busy, so is yours, but is there not a moment that you can think of a waiting child and take that time to say a prayer that God would continue to bless the hands that care for these babies that sometimes live and die in orphanage. The guys you see above are among the few that arrive to know family here or anywhere. Thank God daily for watching and leading help and compassion. Speaking of time, and the time you take. It’s late September and I am taking the time, the time to plan over fundraiser ideas for Angel Tree season. I’m advocating for a little boy named Kolya. Not wearing pink, as far as I can see, but doubtlessly could use some new duds. He’s 10 years old, and I imagine he hasn’t yet had his birthday celebrated quite like he will someday when he goes home. It’s Angel Tree season, and if you’re reading this, I hope you will be drawn to advocate for a child with Down Syndrome or another special need this holiday season. We have the goal to raise $1,000 between November 1st and December 31st. Keeping in the theme of this writing I would like to propose being an Angel Tree Warrior for Teagan. Seven years old! His little profile on Reece’s Rainbow says that he’s shy and loves music. His foster parents and institution have him in daily limb training and rehabilitative speech therapies. Olivier-2-222x300Sign up to be an Angel Tree Warrior today by visiting the website you will learn more about how it works and ideas on how to reach your goals. Take an active part in changing a child’s life! This is good stuff and you can be a huge part of it. Oliver is a boy in pink waiting for an Angel Tree Warrior too. Check out that beautiful smile, mamas and daddies! It should be a synch to raise money for this sweetheart, once you start talking about these children and educating people a little about who they are, you be blessed to meet so many who will share their talent in helping you reach all you can be for these kids. Each of these faces has a story, choose one to share over this years Angel Tree season. The leadership team is wonderful answering questions on the children listed, the children already home have families who often love to tell the story of their journey home. Connect and the road to advocating during the busy season of holidays and year round can be an exciting spirit lifting experience. Join Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree 2014. We have four new countries this year, all with at least one child included in the event. Over 100 children still need AT Warriors. Consider being one, and sign up listing your top three favorites.

Tupperware and Tantrums

1010852_229993460525296_972896605_nThanks for asking me if I was going to have time to blog this afternoon, you know who you are! You have my my tremendous thanks because there’s a lot that I’ve wanted to say and I’ve needed reassurance that I’m worth hearing.

This is a special day in the world beyond my world with the homestudy for Ian’s family beginning who I haven’t taken the time to write about in a long while. My heart and prayers are with them every day all day as Anita, Keegan (Ian when he is home)’s mama does a wonderful job posting little updates on her Facebook page as well as keeping up their blog beautifully. A homestudy is the piece of an adoption that is vital to whether or not you get to bring home a child at all. This piece involves a social worker coming into the home, meeting the family and seeing the house and makes that decision of whether or not this is a place that is safe and in the child’s best interest to be. Although this post is not full of details on Keegan (Ian) I have to stick in a recent photo that his family is so overjoyed to have just received. Their son outdoors with a smile on his face looking so handsome. What a delightful future he has ahead which he is now completely oblivious to. Doesn’t that just bring to mind how little we know of our own futures in the long term.

Writing is one of my very favorite things to do so it’s very special to me that my being here is noticed. Recently a conversation motivated me to step beyond my words and become active in bringing kids home more than I have before. I’ll get to that in a couple paragraphs here.

10003217_10202112281823649_8169605874330143253_nFor a long while I have been wanting to write a post called Side Effected about how a recent med has changed me but have such a fear over how that might be received with my already judged outlook and priorities. In short, I was expecting to be keener in my responses and quicker in, less tired and freer to act in situations. That sounds like a lot to ask of a medication for seizures. But the side effects that I deal with on the meds that I’ve been on for years I imaged to combat with another medication and that hasn’t happened as I thought it would so I am praying about going back to where I was.

Nothing like remembering to be content with blessings! There’s so much good that I have in life, so many talented people young and old that God has gifted into my life that to ask more or for something different ends up on the end of ridiculous. There’s a reason that there are negative connotations to the term “miracle drug” because everyone knows that there isn’t one. Always in life, there’s something to want more of, something to want to vanish and chains that look heavier than they are.

From someone that matters very much to me I got the comment that if there weren’t the internet I wouldn’t have the overwhelming press of the orphans crisis on my heart. When we were kids I remember my mom breaking down in audible tears when there would be news on the radio or articles in National Geographic about children suffering in the world–she was an incredible hard working dedicated mother with an unquenchable love for children the world around. Her ethic as a housewife and mother is a wonderful model for anyone who would desire to take on the role of stay-at-home parent.

The Internet was not around. This person who is very important in my life does have a point though. I would be spending this hour doing something else, probably napping or folding that 4th load of laundry. Instead I pressed as much work as possible into the morning so that I could have some quiet time to write since I do have and faces or names for a very few orphaned children across Eastern Europe and into Asia and beyond those borders that, yes, if it were not for the Internet I would have no awareness over.

What’s up with the horse tied to a plastic chair? It’s my mental obstacles, of course and yours if you’re human. Don’t laugh too often, but now is OK so long as you get back to working with what you have got which I try to remind myself of now and again.

40404202845-Aura-Lee-253x300Work comes before play? Finish up your house work then write or whatever you feel drawn to. Do your homework before you go out shopping with your friends. Don’t have money? Get a job first, then go out shopping with your friends after your paycheck comes. Tired of washing cloth diapers? Potty train your child before you sell all the diapers! YES. We are working on potty training at the Harr house.

I tell my kids that all the time that we need to work before play. They protest more than I remember ever doing, but in the end I know they appreciate and have pride in their cleaned up space.

The child I want to feature today is Aura Lee, and I’m just mentioning her briefly because I have to get on to telling you about my TUPPERWARE PARTY. I have no idea how her name was selected, because that name is in no name book that I know of. But here’s a darling girl who is someone’s daughter potentially, that only through the gift of adoption. Her natural parents are either dead or have given her over legally to her country’s custody and signed that she may be adopted internationally.


Speaking of biological parents I want to revere of their courage to believe that they are choosing a better life for their child rather than tagging on words like abandonment or unwanted where there isn’t proof of that. Reportedly, parents are sometimes given misleading empty promises of a better life “than ever you could ever give at home.” information by who they believe to be trust worthy doctors or other authority. When the reality very well could be that, were they educated about their child’s condition, family would be able to supply the child’s needs and give them that immeasurable essential piece of survival called love. If this situation fits, it’s far from abandonment, the parents are actually making what they believe to be the best most loving choice. Unfortunately, so many more kids are given up than are kept as parents. Some parents visit their child in orphanage, but too, this is not common in many areas in Aura Lee’s country as parents struggle to meet their own basic needs if they are of poverty level or if among the high class they may be ashamed to have a child who is by worldly standards imperfect.

When I’m asked, “So how are the orphans doing?” Which I often take as sarcasm, I’ve taken to responding with, “Hungry, sick and dying.” Some of the stories are incredibly sad and can put the coldest heart to tears, just look at the In Loving Memory page to feel a bit of the loss of children who have gone on before a family reached them. This little girl however does sound to be more of the exception.

Three months older than my second son, Aura Lee is doing quite nicely and other than being a bit of a baby it’s easy to wonder why she was left behind.

Oh, isn’t she lovely?

Aura Lee is doing very well.  She knows her nannies, smiles at familiar adults.  She can sit down and stand up with help.  She does not have mental delays.

Aura has developing speech — she can make separate sounds, and will repeat after an adult.

That is all that is said about her. Other than the diagnosis that her country has given her, “Microcephaly, spastic tetraparesis” She will not have a full physical exam until you are in country to meet her a few months after you have begun the adoption to bring her home which is hard because it is at that point that sometimes families decide that a child is indeed too much for them to manage in their life here in which case they come home and leave the orphan an orphan. It’s important for me to say here that this is a situation not always the case with all countries. Quite often a full medical report is available before commitment. All countries are different, all children are unique and there are no guarantees.

My tantrum is that you say you’re not ready to adopt? Never was there a child who said they were ready to be an orphan. I damper that tantrum by saying that not all are called to see and act on the need to bring home orphans, even be they children who sound to have minimal needs compared with others.

1622048_10202305298606448_356455705_nOn to TUPPERWARE. I went to a Tupperware party last Saturday and ended up scheduling one for the Cianciolo family at my house which I 100% did not intend to do when I left my house only an hour earlier.

This is good though. By next Thursday  I hopefully will have women in my house ordering Tupperware to honor the adoption of beautiful twin boys to a family in Vermont.

This is an awesome family who I wish all the best to as they start out their first adoption journey. They are already familiar with the world of developmental uncertainty as they have a camp for individuals with such challenges and do feel strong guidance from the Lord to step out on this journey to grow their family through international adoption.

Scott and Theresa gave me a list of thirty families who they knew that would be interested in ordering Tupperware in honor of bringing the beautiful twin boys home from Eastern Europe. Those families will receive catologs and 40% proceeds off all items pamphlets right to their homes for ordering convenience with reduced shipping costs as thanks for participating in this special event. It’s been two years since I had an event that involved having a consultant come and speak with about their product.

The reason it has been so long is that no one came to the event that I put weeks entirely devoted to. It was heartbreaking, embarrassing and so discouraging to have no profit whatsoever and people to know about it. The statement that I wrote about above someone giving me that if I had no internet my passion over the orphan crisis would die has motivated for me to  try again. We have our own home, what reason is there to not open it in hospitality and good will to others? This is good. I’m excited for the Cianciolo family, for the Vantrease family and of course for this little Aura Lee who by some weird coincidence has the same name as my root blog’s pronunciation,

Little Aura Lee has $0.00 as many kids do who were listed just yesterday. Hopefully it’ll fill up quickly, with a fully funded figure being $22,000 for her country. The thing about kids like Aura Lee is they are the exception to sick and dying. We all die someday, I realize but what I am saying is that children who have comparatively minimal health challenges are more likely to be adopted domestically than children who have Down Syndrome like the Cianciolo’s twin boys who are in the same country. In that country anyone can adopt the child that you are pursuing while you are in the process–they are not yours until you have passed court in that Eastern European country before a judge there, by their standards proving yourselves worthy. This is a unique to that particular country situation but what a heart break for families who live this disappointment.

they had not met their child yet but had purchased toys and clothing and fully prepared believing in their hearts that this was a future that God had for them with this one particularly. For my story, excitement, anticipation so quickly turned into unstoppable loss.

Jeremiah_verseThere are millions of children needing home and if adoption is on your heart, there is a child for you and God does know who that one is to be revealed in His time. As with all of God’s business, the thrill is to work in the path that he has shown moving forward in faith with openness to see his workings. That’s a whole lot harder than it sounds! All things through Christ, which is awesome.

Tupperware party. It’s a beginning. I’m shy about having people over, I’ll let you know that right now. I want you here more than I have anxiety about you being over so please come.

If you get a Facebook invite from me to join the Cianciolo Tupperware party that’s the one happening at my house next Thursday. Please come as you are, the consultant is awesome! She’s someone from back in the homeschool days. Yes, I’ve told my husband that people are potentially coming over!

Please visit the Vantrease family blog: Adopt, Miles of the Heart, One Less to grab the last bits of their bracelets and art work sale. There are seven bracelets and some art pieces left which I would love to see sold by tomorrow night! There are some expenses coming up in Ian’s adoption so it’d be wonderful to have a one of a kind bracelet made by his family on your arm and maybe a piece of their artwork on your wall as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Peace! And thanks for wanting to see writing from me. My writing is divided between two countries here, I know, I know. There are more kids, and more stories. More writings everywhere, fundraisers and talented people doing everything they can to get children home. Remind me and remind me again to stay on task with what I have to do here in my own house.

The Jenks family who I’ve written about? They’re on day two with their two daughters abroad staying in an apartment together–language barrier perhaps, but family to be all the same. Teenage girls meeting their forever parents for the first time. Imagine that! The blog is set to invite only currently for privacy even that with the girls faces not shown as are the rules for that countries privacy until post adoption.

Time to move along in my day. Please click on the image below for a direct link to my Tupperware party online which is open now thru next Thursday.


Turn Off the Light

The kids were all quieted at official bedtime and asleep for sure at 8pm. I watched half an episode of Law and Order with my husband when I remembered that I hadn’t locked the front door. I went down to do that and noticed that the basement hall light was on. I considered leaving it on, knowing that if I went down I’d get stuck on the computer. Guess what. Duh! I had to log into Facebook and read some posts and updates (a few friends traveling to meet their children overseas) then I watched the video of baby girl Susie and thought that she’d be the little girl for sure that I’d ask to adopt if we were ready to go through that process right now in our lives. She’s a child, yes, like so many others, who has been waiting since infancy.  In the video she smiles in response to the caregiver who is behind the camera’s voice. Her smile is gorgeous as are her sightless eyes and her soft face. I blink away sadness for her, having just read her small story, my old heart touched by that mother’s need to reach out.

My sweet A.J who was a baby just a matter of weeks ago, or so it feels on fussy days during which she wants to cuddle, enjoys being put to bed with stories now as she is covered loosely by her favorite quilt in the toddler bed that she got for her second birthday. Today she did quite well in our mission to potty train and was thrilled by her progress as she knows that it’s just one bit closer to really being a big girl which pretty much comes even to her ultimate dream of being able to do what big sister does. My title is turn out the light because that seems to be the only thing that I can’t do–close down when I should. I drag when I should be high energy and can’t sleep when it’s slumber hour. If I could I guess I wouldn’t write, and if I didn’t write, well nothing…I guess then I just wouldn’t write.

In the morning I have Bible study which I love. Getting together in person with other women who love Jesus is a wonderful encouragement, even though we are all busy and do have other things to hurry on with.

My big kids have Spring break coming and are talking about what they would like to do during their period off. There were some hilarious mentions that I ought to have recorded, but will just have to rely on there being more bright ideas for me to record to savor the hilarity past the moment. On Wednesday, my volunteer day at school I got to see my daughter dance, it was quite surprising how light she is on her feet! Scottish country dancing here we come? She stepped in time and coordinated perfectly with her partner, the two were set at the beginning of the line as an example to the other dancers in Kindergarten PE class. It made my mama heart happy for that sweet five year old of mine.

The boys I ought to speak a moment in detail about too I suppose, for all fairness as mama’s ought always to be aware of. 11:57.

Willie is writing his name so well in school and can count and form the letters with clarity that he has practiced. He has been enjoying the clear, less freezing weather conditions outdoors, taking advantage of the sunshine and mid 40’s temp to ride his bike outside the front window.

Deeder keeps on keeping on. After school he plugs away on homework after having free time on the computer where he often asks to play on In 1st grade he is doing best in math. Darren and I are constantly surprised by the expectations these days on this age group and are working to make the most out of the school experience for our son. We comment to each other, “So this is why people homeschool.” Or, “Can they teach him, or not?” when we see tears of frustration and lack of interest to pick up the significant amount of homework after spending all those hours away at school.

My morning: “Wake up, please, sweet Harrs!” “Mama, we want to sleep” “Get dressed and eat, guys.” “We don’t want to” “It’s time in ten minutes, lets get our backpacks. Do you have everything?” *Checking checking* “Mom! I don’t have my bookbag! I’m going to have to miss snack today! Aaarggg!!!”

I searched all morning and into the afternoon for the bookbag, and found it in the most obvious place that I had already looked a half dozen times. We work on organizational skills and I know where that need comes from! From ME!!!

Turn Off the Light! 12:09.

The past two days Darren’s been home and I love that. He sorted the recycling for me and did so many other projects that I sweep to the side. He also took my loaner washer back to the place that finally brought me a part for my old washer. Today was one of those forgettable days that blends with the others that have a half complete To-Do list. I have long given up writing To Do followed by the day. It’s now just a list of things to accomplish. And when the light is turned back on again with the beeping of my alarm clock, there’s another opportunity, another coffee pot to brew and that same set of kids to get ready for their day.

Upcoming is an update on the Vantrease family who are adoption Keegan who they are naming Ian when he gets home.

Abegayle Joy: 2 years Old.

Two years ago today.

going home!

going home!

Actually that was two years and one day ago that I was pacing around the kitchen betting myself that I could wait until after 11pm to wake up my husband.
That time came and went and before I knew it we were in the car and going through drive-through for coffee and comfortably (not so much for me) on our way to have a baby. This was my second WA delivery which meant that my mom was with us.

my first! 2006

2006: My first delivery

Each pregnancy and delivery is a first in itself, each baby a miracle to a level that you cannot understand unless you have paced around your house with pain that comes out of nowhere and returns to nowhere with as little warning as it’s coming. Babies are AWESOME no matter how they come into your life, labor and delivery cannot be understood or stand against anything else. And men…don’t tell a woman that you understand! …Back to the baby though. This one I did not get to hold in my arms the moment that she entered the world and I have yet to be told why.

It was across the room and onto the warming bed that she went. Had I been offered her and refused to hold my baby girl? I don’t like to think about how I felt in those minutes or how long eternity slowed or even stopped. Then there she was, someone choosing that I could now have her. I was determined then that I wouldn’t let other people experience her special moments for me ever again.

2009 and 2012 babies!

2009 and 2012 babies!

Hopefully I will get to have as many of those firsts as I have in my power to seize. Would that moment have been mine if it were a home birth? The value is that she was alive and that God chose for her to still be here today. That we have been given the gift of her in our lives for two whole years.

At this time 2 years ago I was looking at her next to me, both of us recovering from our time at the hospital lazily watching something on TLC. It was What Not to Wear. Last time I ever watched that!

It’s 2014. Tomorrow, two days after A.J’s birthday we’re celebrating at home with family. We’ve bought her a toddler bed, a VTech laptop computer, a dry-erase whiteboard with markers (she loves using her older brother’s set) and a new pack of Crayola markers for her many coloring books.

Picking them out was something I was not involved with, but we did talk about it together ahead of time.

Cath and A.J

Cath and A.J: August 2012

Thank you, Lord, for this precious baby girl and for blessing our family with her. We treasure every while that we have her and know that she is forever in your safekeeping. In this next year may she grow to know you and may her mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters help continue to be the loving little individual that she is.