Twins! I have to admit it. I love twins. These two are no exception.

Meet Hadden and Hadley. They are not yet listed on Reece’s Rainbow, and have a very short description on the agency’s website where they are sourced through. Currently these boys live in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, waiting for their forever family.

The little boys were born in 2009. The same year that I gave birth to my second son, who as I write this is at preschool hearing a Bible story and working on his letters and numbers. In a few minutes his class of 15 kids at our local church will be having their little snack time for which they will pray a thanks to God and after another craft and music time each will be picked up by his or her mom or dad or gramma or grampa.

What do Hadden and Hadley do this time of day in their little world? They’re pictured wearing matching shirts and Hadley’s hand is being held by what looks like an adults. Are they enjoying an age appropriate group activity? I don’t know.



All that you or I know is,

Boys, born 2009
Hearing impairment
Hadden and Hadley are two precious twin boys who need a family!

Not their month of birth, story of how or when they were placed in state care or the term of their pregnancy, or any hospital stays that have been involved in the care of either. What is known is that these boys are guys that need parents, maybe siblings and love and opportunity to be whoever God has set for them to become.

Hadden and Hadley are not yet listed on Reece’s Rainbow, so donations toward their future adoption cannot be made. However I have learned that the cost of their adoption will be considerably less since they are biological siblings.

This is not my first post about twins from their country. On my other blog I wrote about Nadia and Nancy who are going home to a wonderful family. My entry was called Two Twins. These girls are the same age as my oldest son. Whether I want to admit it or not, I must be drawn to children my children’s ages. Once I tried asking on the boards what families believe pulls them into the story of one child to go through the journey of adoption for. Seems to be teetering on the edge of taboo. That aside, my mission is always the same! Advocate, pray and hope that a family will come and be able to hold through the path to bring a child into a stable home that gives the opportunity to succeed and lead a fulfilling life in ways that they would not otherwise be able to do. So, join me in sharing Hadden and Hadley, and in cheering on in any way possible parents who have responded to the call to adopt.

“You are the helpers of the fatherless.” (Psalm 10:14)

UPDATE: The boys now have a FSP, which means they can receive donations (with a 10% deduction) through Reece’s Rainbow. See the place where donations be made and will be held for Hadden and Hadley by clicking on this link.

Origami Owl for Kolya

I just learned about Living Lockets, maybe this is your first time hearing that name too. My story begins with asking for home business owners to offer their party proceeds in part to my mission to raise money for Kolya, a waiting orphan in Bulgaria.

When I was offered an Origami Owl party I had no idea what it was but would never turn down an opportunity to bring awareness for the waiting child in Eastern Europe who I have committed to raise funds for over the next six weeks. The wonderful consultant who I am working with offered to send me a charm collection and a locket along with the catalogs and brochures that I requested. She directed me to a web link to choose the charms. I picked a Silver RN symbol, “Love to Read”, “Hope”, a Silver Starfish, and the crystal silver L initial. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.
Isn’t the classic locket a circular pendant that opens on a small hinge, sometimes with small engravement on the exterior and some sort of holding fixture on the inside for securing a photo or other special flat memento? Not in the Origami Owl world! This is an all new idea to me, with not one consultant in my state. Not only a great fundraiser as no one else is doing it in my local area, but a wonderful opportunity if I or another friend around here would choose to become a designer…what an amazing business venture! My designer told me that a local host got 30 women to her party and with their purchases, as a hostess got $600 in free stuff. Those lockets? Click “Categories” then navigate to ” Living Lockets” at first glance, just looks like hoop earings. They sells earings too, but this isn’t the place. I hope you have time to scroll through, because this is an amazing selection!

Recently added are leather bracelets with the clear faces where you can order charms that tell your personal story inside. This is beyond the chain with glittery emblems attached on the exterior ready to snag on any material that you come in contact with!

Little Losses.


This doll is 32 months old now. She has two older brothers, one older sister and one who is missing. One who would be seven years old now. My eyes fill with tears and my throat lumps up and I type that in. So many years ago. 431420_10151448530505425_1667089029_n

My second pregnancy passed on a windy August late afternoon. In my heart I knew my baby was hurting and gone deep inside the part of me that unexplainably understands my children. I knew because I didn’t feel butterflies. I didn’t want to barf up my breakfast, and I didn’t need a nap. About 11:30 my neck felt cold and I developed a headache and pain in my lower back. I went to sit and felt the sensation of needing to use the bathroom and began to bleed. All I could do was cry. Once I stopped I was on the phone with my doctors office with my husband at my side. We were told that a quick ultrasound would confirm the viability of the baby’s life.

This was the only fetus that I’d given a name. You know. I was sure that it was going to be a girl and that I’d name her Bethany Elisabeth (debating if it should be a “z” or an “s”) while I was deciding and watching the, “Your Baby This Week” updates I called her, “Little One.” That’s become fuzzy now as I’ve thought of the precious sweetie so many times. Imagining how she would be like now, if she’d grown up a part of our family. One in four women experience at least 1 pregnancy loss.

Why is it that your baby’s life isn’t valued until you look like this? Don’t fight me on that one. What I’m trying to say is that it seems to be just Mom who imagines the child’s future and treasures who they are when they’re the size of a peanut.10391512_329716550424_582872_n Little One fit in the palm of my hand. I took a picture of her, absolutely astounded by the wonder of God’s amazing creation. My child had itty by arch of a back and what looked to be weeks from arms and crunched up legs. My camera couldn’t focus to the detail of her body or get beyond the red that I could not wash off.

I’ve never been into mourning life. I celebrate and thank and remember forever.

Crying is healthy, forgetting is injustice. If you are that one in four, you are told, “At least you have your other children.” Or, “You two can try again when you feel ready.”

No one will ever replace the child that I lost. I have never bought a onesie that says “Little One” on it or will consider naming a child Bethany Elizabeth because I loved that one and would never appear even to myself to replace her because it cannot be done.

Don’t forget to love the children that God has given you, and yes, to try for more.

Try means adoption if that’s the plan that is meant for you.

Never say no to children being a part of your life, and never think that one can be replaced by another.

They’re each fearfully and wonderfully made.
Treasure life and know that it is in God’s hands, no matter if that life never made full term entrance into the world, regardless of whether or not that child ever breathed the air that you and I do now he or she was formed and is of value in God’s eyes.

Someone decided that today, Oct 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss day. This is my story. Share yours if you’re one in four and have the desire to do so. I tell this story of Little One who would eventually, in my mind’s eye, be a little girl named Bethany Elizabeth because I consider her story one of my birth stories. Just because she didn’t make full term doesn’t mean she isn’t real.

Recalling the story of my pregnancy lost in 2007 cannot be done without speaking of my husband’s taking me out for ice cream after the obstetrician told us that my pregnancy was not normal. I said that was OK, and he said, “No, I mean it’s not viable.” Instant tears. Darren knows I love icecream and drove me the 20 minutes to the local ice cream hang out. I had either pistachio or chocolate mint. And salted it with tears. I went home and cried all night. It was done.

It’s 2014 now and I have four children running about, active and full of life. It’s a struggle to get them to bed on time and to get them to settle and sit still at those times that society mandates quietness. If every moment that I hush them I were thinking of how much I wish I had that fifth to hush I couldn’t live. So it’s not that way. Because I am needed to be present and realistic. That reality is that it’s 8pm and that I have two kids to settle into bed yet.

You have my encouragement to live now and remember yesterday looking forward to seeing your child again in eternity. If that isn’t something to be excited about, I don’t know what is!

Angel Tree: Too Much to Ask?

Today I am sitting down wanting to motivate you to sign up while feeling shaky myself. In order to really be the uncertain, weakening the undecided I have gone to the discussion boards looking for support and suggestions. I have asked and gotten an overflow of answers and ideas. The question remains: Why are there over 100 children without sponsors with less than a month standing between now and the biggest fundraiser of the year in orphan adoption advocacy?
Motivational tool today: Pictures of children lacking Warriors. Visit the Official Reece’s Rainbow website to sign up and make one of these children one less in the number, and one more on their way to reaching $1,000 between November 1st and December 31st 2014.10696223_10152799957415561_821380478416269928_ndanielfeb2009November 1st through December 31st is the extent of the biggest fundraising event of Reece’s Rainbow, the online adoption advocacy website featuring children with Down Syndrome and other special needs that just celebrated 1200 children home in eight years.

This organization is not an adoption agency, rather it coordinates the connection between families seeking to adopt children with special needs internationally and those children in orphanages abroad who need parents.

WendyIn Twenty Three days Angel Tree starts and we are short by 103 Angel Tree Warriors. How it works:

You sign up to be coordinator of fundraising for one child listed on the Angel Tree children page, a badge is placed on their profile connecting to your blog so others interested in helping raise money for that child’s future adoption can read what you have to say about that girl or boy and participate in any fundraising activities that are being organized in honor of that child.

The goal is to raise One Thousand Dollars between November 1 and December 31. As I settled in to write this I questioned why I had hesitated to sign up. And how I can bust through those anxieties not only for myself, but for the future advocates of those over one hundred children who still need someone to speak for them

Dylan-144x300What were my anxieties and how could I break them down? First of all, I am not a marketer. Second, I’m not crafty. Third, how can I persuade people that my cause is worth supporting? To work on these questions I went online to ask who could craft, had stores, and would give a portions of proceeds to adoption support.

The response was wonderful. KayasLittleBoutique can be found on Etsy and Facebook, beautifully crocheted hats and scarves and anything else you may want she’s up for trying! This shop owner is also a Scentsy distributor. She has a blog full of crochet tutorials. There’s always room in life for learning! And who can say no to a face like Dylan‘s here, he is just one of the young children yet needing an Angel Tree Warrior this year. Last year I registered to be Dylan’s warrior. Someone else took my place who had met him, and I just know that there is another wonderful person out there to speak out and write for this 11-year-old.

DoloresAndCompany makes sweet little girls dresses, directly saying that they are helping others fund adoptions of children with special needs.

400211_323621384423698_220723702_nHooked on Hope design and make intricate afghans and smaller items such as hats, mats, baby booties.

Their orphan advocacy is genuinely immeasurable as they went above and beyond to aid in bring home a couple very dear children from Eastern Europe earlier last year and continue to speak out and donate proceeds to families working through the adoption journey.

Do you remember learning how to make hair bows in 4-H club back in fourth grade? I do! We found discount ribbon and had pretty much our first experience with hot glue guns. Those medal clasps that would bite your finger if you closed them wrong when you were pinching to secure the bow correctly on top while avoiding burning yourself? Well this mama is so far funding the beginnings of her sons adoption through the sales of what you forgot that you loved doing. Yes.

Meet McKenzieBethBows entrepreneur extraordinaire bow maker. Please visit her site, and by all means, crown the girly-girl in your life with one of her creations. This woman is the soon to be mama to a sweet boy in Eastern Europe named Cliff.

Rebecca Collier, who is adopting twin girls from Eastern Europe makes quiet books. I have seen pictures of them and know that she is doing proceeds to their adoption. These felt books are high quality and look time consuming to create, rather than putting her forward as a vendor I rather set her forward as an artist who deserves support as 100% proceeds are toward the redemption of two special girls from a life alone in a mental institution. She’s a motivation to pull together your own talented for your passion and to do your best for something and someone that you love.

This list started to promote resources to support Angel Tree confidence and has sprung into pride over how many talented people give up their profits to give to those who are going through something that they as artists are passionate about.

The Magenta Leopard, shares multifaceted interest supporting love of adoption open to special orders.
And the list goes on. I’ll add!

I also need to talk about vendors who lend commissions and ideas that former adoptive parents gave!


NEWS FLASH: I signed up.

AuroraI’ve filled out the all too easy application, friends, to be an Angel Tree warrior. My picks are Aurora who I’ve never really hoved over, she’s been in an orphanage since 2005 and sounds a lot like my personality. You could find little girls who look just like her in my family photo albums. She seems like a good fit for me to advocate for!

SilviaMy next choice is a little girl from a small country that is tipping the scales on high cost with low time to raise the funds. Meet Silvia. She’s on my heart because her program looks daunting and her photo isn’t fine. This girl’s fund is going to sky rocket, God has a way of showing that anything can be achieved! Some family will look at that image and see their daughter and that will just be an amazing day for her and those who are planned somewhere in the greater plan as her parents. That’s what Angel Tree season is about, advocating, raising and finding forever.

NE138b-Fernando-250x300Fernando! He’s my third choice. Born the same month as my second son, the same year as my first in a country that we love. The files from his country come all in Spanish and are volumes long. Travel is easy and the agency is great. Who will be this little man’s family? Will I be the sponsor to help him to the Angel Tree goal?

Waiting for my email telling me who I get to sponsor. I’m giddy with excitement! Tomorrow I’m going to overhaul my blog to be Angel Tree ready, tracking other Angel Tree warriors blog posts as they begin their journey’s soon setting up shop to race to $1,000. There are so many more children who need someone to knit scarves or whatever special talent you have. Sign up and show everyone in your world just how amazing you can be when you love an orphan and how much can be done when you set your heart to such a meaningful purpose.

“You are the helpers of the fatherless.” (Psalm 10:14)

UPDATE: I’ve switched to Kolya, please click here to read about that.

Angel Tree 2014’s Coming up!


September 15 sign ups began, and so far 61 children as of yesterday afternoon had advocates who will work between November 1st and December 31st to raise money for these children’s adoption funds with the minimum goal of $1,000. Some warriors have done it many years in a row and plan for months ahead, even racing for the goal. Last year I signed up last minute with no plans. I’m not crafty or a sales person. I have not adopted, or any kind of amazing stage presence that would win over generous donors. I can’t put on a spaghetti or sell plasma. My goal was met and exceeded, I don’t know how or by who only that God orchestrated it and that I’m so excited to see this years children reach that 1K also.

When an advocate signs up to sponsor a child they often write a blog post to announce to their readers that there is this mission in their life for these matter of weeks, hopefully with a piece of information about the child and a plan on how friends have support that effort. If you want to help, be creative and make it fun. Early day enthusiasm is precious! Warriors tumbling out of bed the morning of sign ups to make sure they get the child that they have been praying would be their’s for the season. Designing necklaces and constructing a Facebook page where they invite all their friends to throw in a “like” as the season wears on we start storming heaven is the saying, for funds if the necklaces haven’t been enough.

Potlucks at church? I don’t have the confidence, but perhaps you do. There’s an online group that you may join after signing up to be a warrior where ideas are exchanged. Some people send news letters to friends and family about the child asking them to collect spare change and instruction where and when to deposit it. If the money is given before November 1st it does not go towards the Angel Tree goal of $1,000. The little boy that I sponsored last year has been home for months now. Not everyone has been found and this year many of the children are back again for the biggest fundraiser of the year on Reece’s Rainbow.

Click this link to see the children who have advocates and yet need “Angel Tree Warriors” sign up is easy and free.

Getting Ready!

Angel Tree sign up starts today!

brochure to print:

And this year I am going to apply for three children, from different countries and be randomly selected for one.

I want Fernando from Peru, he was born in Oct 2006 but already has over $6K in his fund.
Ryan from Latvia has over $1K in his fund since he was in Angel Tree last year and met his goal.

Joey or Nels from Bulgaria.

Wait Your Turn: Kimberley’s Story

NE-208-foto-203x300She’s been listed for at least two years and is a face that I’ve passed by and now there’s an end to that.

Kimberley is now the star of my attention as a Waiting Child in the category of children with DS. I don’t know why God sets my eye on girls. Perhaps because I believed that the child I miscarried seven years ago was a girl? I advocate for boys as well, but do find myself with the girls when I imagine myself talking to my husband about specific children.

In my upfront reality, “Lets adopt” is a laughable and dried up conversation. If I were to bring it up again he’d say, “Honey why are you still thinking about that?” Or, “I thought you were going to go off of Reece’s Rainbow, it’s not healthy to spend time looking at those kids.”

There’s been tremendous blessing in my life’s prayer and care for orphans.

I was blessed to know that the girl that I cared deeply for in a country that has been closed to adoption by US families has been adopted in country, not only has God given me that information but I have had the undeserved privilege to meet and hold a dear child that I’d hoped and believed was meant to be my own daughter.

Instead of leaving feeling empowered I left meeting that child feeling crushed that this is not something that I could do. The paperwork is beyond me, the organization required is astonishing.

Yet a life lived knowing of the orphan plight and that the world can be saved for one child through the gift of adoption–to not act on that seems like a waste of life.

My head was whirling with gratitude for both these darling girls, a fresh holding a child who had spent seven years in an orphanage, and the pounding sense inadequacy. All of this non-sense and reality easily topped for me then and now as I write, with an abundance of gratitude for those that God does set up to take on adoption and concur the boundaries in His name.

“Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:5)

Kimberley is from a country that I have never considered, one in Latin America is all that I can disclose, where all the files come to our agency in Spanish. Often 40 pages or more. It may be that just a portion of this is translated and sent to those who request it as potential adoptive families.

When I found out that Kimberley’s birthday is February 14, 2007 I knew I had to at least write about her and put her story on the top of the stack of children who I will present to my husband if ever he tells me that he’s ready for International adoption to be a part of our story. Her file was last updated three years old at which point she was said to not be speaking beyond jesters and gurgles, unable to walk independently. She does not dress herself, feed herself or go to the toilet as the average child her age would be expected to. These behaviors label her as psychomotor delayed in all areas, she also carries the label of   congenital heart disease and hypothyroidism in addition to Down Syndrome with a full conclusion of “Mental Retardation” after noting that she does participate in social activities and enjoys eating as well as practicing healthy sleep habits. She is negative for Hepatitis B, HIV and nonreactive to VDRI.

Intimidated? God promises that taking on a venture like this is not to be passed by. My favorite verse is to be held on to when considering the children who continue to wait.

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, “Give them up!” and to the south, “Do not hold them back.” Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth”  Isaiah 43:5-6

10378092_10154429560290425_7995603308368124240_nDo you see a waiting child that you believe God has called you to but have the little faith that I do? Stand back and watch Jesus work in other people’s life’s and grow.


So many who cross into that journey com out thankful and stronger for it, even if their child passes away they find gratefulness and strength. My mind has been blown away by the incredible women that I’ve met online, and three that I’ve met so far in person.

Do it in love for your family that is already here too, not driven exclusively by your desire–that’s my lesson, I’m not an independent agent, I have already been given and have to do what honors and works with other’s dreams.

If your husband or wife is not ready, pray for that and do all that you can to help them reach the security that God’s given them the need to encompass themselves with. This has to be done if you’re going to take on the world together in this incredible way.

If you are ready, get moving. There isn’t a moment to lose.

Contact for direction on which adoption program will best work for your family and she will set you up with whoever you need to know to get through this and make one more child an Orphan No More.

Kimberley is at the top of my list for children to talk to my husband about. Who are you going to talk about when it’s your turn? Or if you have been able to taken that incredible step, how did God lead you there?

Why February 2007? That’s when the daughter that I lost would have been born, that’s the birthday of the little girl from Bulgaria that I just met last month and meaningful to me also because my daughter who just turned two came on February 18th. I turned 29 in February of this year along with my twin and our dad had his 61’s birthday on the 5. While I’m listing excellent people born in February, I have another sister born on the 3rd of February, this year turning 26. It’s a good month! Always room for one more in the family!

NE-208-foto-203x300Kimberley needs a family, why couldn’t it be mine? There are so many kids in need, and thankfully parents with the gift to move through adoption so I do know better than to let myself fix on one child as one that I must home because that can end in selfish heart break. Trust God, be united with who you already have at home and move forward in what you’ve been called to do. Grow to be a stronger person, don’t settle for less than using your full potential to honor and please the Lord–save a life, make an orphan no more  if you can.

Kimberley’s my new passion, a girl who’s been waiting too long.

I’m going to learn more about orphanages in her country and talk to people working through the process to bring a child home from there. I will also feature more children from this Latin American country in upcoming entries which I hope to see plenty of.

This post is called Kimberley’s story, because I believe that every child is designed before the beginning of time for the family that they will be with. While this young lady has captured my attention, she may be your daughter. This post may be written for you to see her need and to move forward for her. Only God knows Kimberley‘s journey; She didn’t ask to be an orphan, nor does she know any other life, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something more for her.



Wait Your Turn: Kimberley’s Story

This little love has been listed for two years minimum.

NE-208-foto-203x300Hers was the second face that I saw on Reeces Rainbow in 2012. I reached RR in the same way many testify to: seeing a link thru social media to a child’s adoption fund where there’s a little blurb about who the child is. I didn’t stop on Kimberley, instead I went past that link to the Newly Listed category where I found a little Russian girl who looked strikingly like the baby that I had just given birth to. I was hooked. I prayed for Yana at least every time I sat down to feed my baby, often crying thinking of her in a full orphanage without parents coming to visit her. At least daily I checked to see if donations were coming in, and if ultimately anyone was placing inquires toward her adoption.

I never turned back to look at Kimberley or even once researched her country or the need for adoption there. For the first time in my life I put my life on hold to organize a fundraiser to bring awareness and money to an orphan in Russia. I made under $100 and felt complete shame for spending a whole month doing something that had no positive impact on my family. My house was messy because I’d been busy with an auction, then it was clean because I was  going to have a home décor party. No one showed up for the party and a good percent of the items from the auction did not go for much over their retail value. Still I waited and prayed. Dec 2012 a family from AZ committed to Yana. Before they could even begin Russia closed down to adoption to US families. God worked miracles in this sweet orphans life, and fueled my drive to speak out for the work of adoption from overseas.

Quite by accident I learned of a little girl, born in Bulgaria who was an orphan of the state, which means that despite her parents being living she lived in a government run orphanage right along side children who had lost their parents to untimely death.

Not only did I get this little girl’s information and life timeline, I got two videos of her which I may have watched dozen of times. The important dates in her life coincided with so many meaningful times in my life, every detail seemed more and more a signed that this child was certainly meant to be a part of my life. I actually wrote a letter about why “Marnie” should be our daughter to my husband and took him out to dinner to talk about it. He was blown away, if he already knew his wife was crazy, this was a new level. Adopt?! He’d imagined us to be the couple who has a dog, and lives pretty much carefree…perhaps doing travel jobs, maybe buying an acreage someday where we raise or grow whatever we want.

Hardly needful to mention, my husband said no. I cry when I’m disappointed, or actually feel anything strongly for that matter, and that evening he said, “Well I do owe you an explanation and someday I’ll give you one.” I love my husband tremendously and was quiet all the way home, with that Bulgarian princess’s face in my mind and her video replaying in my consciousness due to my overwatching it.

Again, I never looked back at that initial face that I saw on Reece’s Rainbow. That cute, ready to take on the world needing a mother to take her to the greatest heights of potential face which only this week I have returned to.

After dinner with my husband I framed a 5×5 picture of the Eastern European girl that we’d talked about. Life’s busy at our house with four kids, we have little to no time to talk of anything other than getting through the day and maybe tomorrow’s schedule. I placed her beautiful image on the window sill above the kitchen sink where he washes his hands after coming home from work and before cooking. He asked me to take it down saying that he felt our relationship was strained with her peering into our world like that. Unbeknownst to me, God had something new planned for me. I wasn’t wanting to see her on My Family Found Me, I had allowed myself to want to be the mother to put her on MFFM. When I would hear that a family was looking at her country for adoption, I’d hope God would show them someone else.

NE-208-foto-203x300Who was watching Kimberley? No one was asking questions about her to her agency. There are hundreds of children with Down Syndrome and other diagnosis  listed for international adoption on Reece’s Rainbow, so among all of those, why choose the little girl who turned 7 on February 15th? Her photo is years old and her update publically available was written 4 years ago.

There are children listed for a limited time, there are children who are listed in countries that take less than a year to bring children home from and for each child there is such a special story on why and how they came to be seen by the family that they’re meant to be with. Kimberley sits up straight and tall in the, “criss-cross-applesauce” pose that teachers direct their kids to sit in at circle time in school. Behind her are other people, It’s hard to tell the ages–looking directly I consider the two behind her to be adult women, perhaps caregivers, and in the foreground, partially pictured is another child. This is a crowded place where she’s sitting who knows how long ago. Where is she at this moment? She’s alive and in care, waiting yet to be noticed. I see her and want to see her home.

That girl from Bulgaria? She’s home with a family in the Pacific Northwest, the parents have the same initials as my husband and I! They have a terrific family and I can say that I am 100% content and thrilled to have her their daughter. She’s right where God wanted her to be even from before the beginning of time he knew that was exactly where she was supposed to be. Guess what? I met her, I held her for a few minutes and felt her breath on my face and her weight in my arms. I saw her in new clothes bought for her, I saw her fed by a mother who will be with her unconditionally. Welcome to the rest of your forever to that beautiful child. After meeting her two weeks ago I took down the picture that has sat in my kitchen window for two years. She’s no longer in an orphanage over the sea, and I’ve gotten the closest to best gift I can ever get: a picture capturing the moment that I held her.

How is this Kimberley’s story? She’s waiting, just like me. Me for a daughter, her for a mom. Her life’s full of people around her, children and adults, noise day and night as is mine as a mother to four kids keeping up with a busy house–mortgage, bills to pay, laundry to fold and put away, a house that keeps getting messy. Dinner to prepare. Day and night, day and night. The orphan that I doted on and prayed for in Russia has the best destiny realized and the girl from Bulgaria has been given the best gift: a new life with a second chance to be the person that she deserves to be. In a whole other part of the world Kimberley waits. The mama that posted her story exposing me to Reece’s Rainbow May 2012 has brought home a child from another country recently, that little girl will turns 4 soon. I advocate for many children, a change from the days when I prayed exclusively for the little girl in Russia, I also have enjoyed seeing my children join in caring for the plight of orphans overseas. Kimberley has been on Angel Tree two years in a row and now has $4,819.05 toward her future adoption. I bought 17 ornaments during 2013 season and I don’t think any one of them were for her. If you are not familiar with Angle Tree, please do educate yourself! This last year $2084.43 was donated to her fund through the very hard work of a dedicated supporter and advocate who unfortunately isn’t able right now to step forward as a mama for Kimberley

There are no shortage of people around this little girl, but what are they to her? I don’t know about the environment or quality of care in her country nor do I know

Sweet Ernie

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This is Ernie. He is 3 years old and completely adorable. If I told you he was being sent to a mental institution with adults would that bother you? That is exactly what will happen if he is not adopted by the time he turns 4. Children sent to mental institutions often die due to neglect, malnutrition and abuse. It makes me sick that this could happen to a child but that is the way it works in his country.The good news is that it isn’t to late for you or someone you know to adopt him. Is money a factor? There are grants available to make his adoption less costly and possible. Please help find his parents. Pray that someone will see his photo and fall in love with this cute little buddy. No child should be without parents and certainly no child belongs in a mental asylum.